Thursday, August 28, 2008


We live right around the middle of the red circle. Earlier today we were on the edge of the projection cone. This projection is from 8/28 at 10pm.


So here is how a couple of Kansans prepare for a hurricane in our second story apartment.
First put thing up high when you don't want them to get wet (20'+ storm surges are possible)
Second, hide bicycles in the bathroom.
Thirdly, put heavy things in front of windows when convenient.
If heavy things aren't readily available a mattress will do.
We are heading north this weekend. K-State vs. North Texas! Whoo Hoo!
OH yeah and family and such. So if a huge hurricane comes we will be safe. Probably. And as you can see our stuff will be safe too, probably.
AMMENDMENT 1: 8/29 6:30 am

it is projected to get closer than it previously had been projected to get.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Blub blub blub

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A veritable Blockbuster of videos

Addilyn enjoying spaghetti

Listen carefully, those are beastly frogs that keep Erin awake at night

(Dad) Can your van do this?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello there!

Hello sports fans. We welcome you back to all things Johnson (Houston division). When last we left you, we had just made an announcement about an addition to our Johnson clan. Without much further ado we present to you Homer. Isn't he lovely? I would tell you about all his wonderfulness but I think Tyler might feel kind of gypped if he didn't to expound about the coolness of this new vehicle to anyone willing to listen. (If you are willing to listen and have yet to get the complete rundown of the features of our new Honda friend, please call (281) 636-0022. Tyler will be standing by.)
This being our first full weekend with Homer, we decided it would be a good time to head out for an adventure. With wide open roads as our goal, we settled on a journey around the bay as our task. First stop on this "odyssey" of sorts (aside from Quiznos of course) was the ferry that takes you from Galveston to the Bolivar Peninsula. Since neither Addilyn nor I (Erin) had ever been on a ferry before, all parties were duly excited for this journey into the unknown. This first picture is of our wait to board the ferry. If you look closely you can see two ferries docked (although I'm not sure if they were loading or unloading at this time).

Here is Addilyn enjoying her much improved view as we waited for a ferry. Addilyn has actually so enjoyed the view that she has yet to fall asleep in the Odyssey (even when we are driving at night).
This is the view from the observation deck of the ferry. Ooo look, there's Homer!
And we are leaving the shore at last. The ferry on the whole was a pretty fun experience. While it probably took 20 minutes to get from point to point, we were able to see many ships, some dolphins and what appeared to be the ruins of an old shipwreck which were all pretty cool. After getting off the ferry we took a long, peaceful drive up the coast of the Bolivar Peninsula. The peninsula was as desolate and unpopulated as any section of rural Kansas we've seen (which was a wonderful break from the constant city we've experienced for the last 3 and a half months).
Here's another purchase we've made recently. Addilyn's feet have finally started growing and she was in need of some bigger shoes (especially since our favorite pair are starting to get holes in the toes).

Here's a closeup view of the new shoes. They are her first lace-up shoes and she's pretty excited about them.
And finally, we leave you with a picture of Addilyn showing off her Lego flowers (which she had stuck on her fingers and was waving around.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Twirly Girl

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well everybody, this may be my last post ever. Dad came home early from work today due the impending doom certain with Tropical Storm Edouard, yes that is how they spelled it. While it's still just a Tropical Storm my short time in this world has taught me never to trust anyone or anything with three consecutive vowels. So after my afternoon nap I intend to sell all my earthly possesions, cover myself in ketchup and stand naked on top of the Kemah Bridge. I'm sure Mom and Dad will be right there with me. After all religous fads are usually full of merit, right?

Well, I suppose I should leave this world on a good note. Enter, our weekend. Last weekend G&G Johnson came down to visit. We had fun. We showed them the usual site and sounds of Houston. Most importantly we went to the beach again. We went Saturday and spent a few hours in the abnormally hot sun. The elders of the group, meaning all but me, were a little red afterwards, some even a little burned, but it was worth it. Now for the pictures

Here you can see me scouting the beach for the 'good' sand. To eat that is.

Daddy made me my own pool in which to bask.

Basking in said pool

Grandma laughed at me a lot, so I gave her the stink eye a lot.

Grandma also had some trouble with the waves.

It was a good time. As can be seen from the following video, hehehehe

In other news Mommy is pregnant again. Daddy is hoping for a boy and so he code-named the baby Gork (pronounced Grock). He told me it was the manliest name he could think of, and apparently Gork is a little cavemanish so he isn't great at the spelling. Daddy's supposed to be working on a sketch of Gork as he envisions him. Should be interesting. Also they're having trouble thinking of a name as breathtaking as Addilyn Elise, so if you have any ideas they're willing to hear them, for a boy or a girl. So far their best ideas are as follows:

Grock Lancelot
Lyndon Blaise
Subtractilyn Xr4ti (suggested long ago by Caleb)

Newton Raphson (Google it, Daddy actually really likes Newton for a girl but Mommy doesn't)

We're open for suggestions.

Well that will do it for me. I must get my nap in before the ceremony,


Addilyn Elise