Friday, September 28, 2012

Cubs game

A couple of Sundays ago we went to a Cubs game.  It was our first trip to Wrigley Field.
Since the Cubs aren't really doing so well this season, tickets are really cheap right now. Boo for the Cubs but yay for us!
This was our posse (partially hidden by Addilyn's hat).  Our friends Adam and Jessa joined us for the afternoon of fun.

I was amazed at the view from the stands.  I didn't realize that Wrigley was so close to the lake.  It was really fun to see all the sailboats enjoying the lovely weather out on Lake Michigan.
Wrigley Field is in the middle of a rather populated area.  The neighbors take advantage of their proximity by renting out seats on their roofs.  
Sleepy boy.
The game we attended (against the Pittsburgh Pirates) was really long and the stands around us started to clear out.  Elias enjoyed some solitude.
Happy girl!  We all enjoyed the game.  The experience of the ballgame was enough for the kids but the game was even a good one.  We got to see a Grand Slam to take the lead and the game ended with a very nice double play.  We even got to sing the "Go, Cubs, Go" song that they sing at the end of winning games.  What a treat!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Moving and the First Day of School

We moved. It was just over a month ago that we loaded up our truck and headed back to Chicago.  We had a very nice truck.  If you look really closely, you can see that Addilyn is pretty excited to be riding the first leg of the trip in the truck with Daddy.  As moves go, it was a fairly exciting trip.  We ended up with 3 out of the 5 of us coming down with the stomach flu on our two days of driving.  Apparently we have mastered the average move and now it was time to try for something a little more challenging.  Luckily we all made it to Chicago and were all feeling much better within the week (although it did go through all but one of us).
Goodbye house. We already miss your garage and designated playroom.
Fast forward a couple of weeks to Addilyn's very first day of school.  She was pretty excited (and oh, so cute!).
Here she's showing off her backpack and lunchbox (which is shaped like a hippopotamus head).  She's so proud of them.
We were trying to figure out the lining up system outside Addilyn's designated dropoff door.  There were so many parents and kids. Lots of excitement and quite a bit of chaos.
Here Addilyn is standing in her designated line.  Tyler was standing with her for a while but could feel that she was embarrassed by his presence.  That's when I realized that our baby girl was so ready and would be totally fine.
She seems to enjoy school quite a bit and loves to keep a tally of all her teachers (so far she's counted at least 6).  After a 7 day break for the Chicago teachers' strike, we all seem to be settling in to our new routine.