Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jordy Nelson!

I don't know how you were planning on celebrating Jordy Nelson's 23rd birthday, but Addilyn thinks you should just go crazy. Here she is demonstrating the concept. Be inspired.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

San Antonio = a whole lot of pictures!

For Memorial Day weekend, Tyler, Addilyn and I made the 3-hour trip to San Antonio to visit the good family Leshan.
Here is your play-by-play of our fun-filled weekend (with lots and lots of pictures).

Here we are in the Leshan van on our way to Sea World. Sonja sat on the floor so everyone could fit in one vehicle. Look how excited and unsweaty we were.
After arriving at Sea World on what had to be one of it's busier days of the year, we went straight to a water ride to find some relief from the 98-degree heat. After everyone was duly soaked we headed over to the Shamu show to see the famous whale do his thing.
Look, Shamu (or one of his friends, I'm not really sure)!
Addilyn enjoyed the show (although her favorite part might have been wandering up and down our row and talking to the kids sitting in front of us).
Hot, sweaty sleep. After the show she slept for almost an hour in her stroller while the rest of the group (except for Sonja who was gracious enough to sit with Addilyn) rode rollercoasters and water rides. She never sleeps in her stroller so this made her parents very happy and a little nauseated (wait, that might have been the rollercoasters).
On Sunday we went to church and then (after a nap) headed to downtown San Antonio for the Riverwalk and the Alamo. The Riverwalk is an area of shops and restaurants along the river that goes through downtown San Antonio. It's very pretty and, much like Sea World, is very busy on Memorial Day weekend.
Here comes one of the boat tours that go up and down the river.
The group enjoys some ice cream to escape the heat. It was 101 degrees according to the Leshan van.
Addilyn is looking to her Daddy to give her one more bite of his ice cream. She looks so hopeful (or desperate).
The Alamo! We arrived at the Alamo 5 minutes before it closed for the day so we had the chance to dart through and take this lovely family shot.
Later that night, the Leshan clan watched Addilyn so Tyler and I could go on a date. We went to the new Indiana Jones movie which we enjoyed thoroughly. On Monday, we went swimming at the neighborhood pool.
Addilyn had a great time splashing (or at least watching Avery, Ethan & Alecia splashing and playing) but got super-pruney.
So that's our weekend in a nut shell. We had lots of fun playing with Ethan, pretending with Alecia, riding (rollercoasters) with Avery, and chatting with Sonia and Michael. If you have any questions, give us a call. I'm sure Addilyn would love to fill you in on the details.

Friday, May 23, 2008


On Tuesday night we tried out our pool for the first time. Here's some pictures from the excursion.

Here is Addilyn modelling her new swimsuit (and also apparently encouraging Mommy to use those exercise DVDs Daddy bought for her).

I don't know what this face is supposed to mean but it's cute! Here she is standing by herself on the little ledge on the edge of the pool. She looks so big!
And experimenting with splashing.
A ride on Daddy's shoulders is always nice.
Again, I'm not sure what she's thinking here but she looks cute anyway.We had lots of fun and will definitely be using this pool to cool us down throughout the summer.

Tonight we are headed off to the Leshan's for a weekend of San Antonio fun. We'll make sure to give you a complete update/rundown on Tuesday.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update on All Things Addilyn

In a move to save readership, we have decided that it is time to have an update on Addilyn (since, let's face it, she's the only reason most of you read). It is long overdue so we have lots of pictures and things to share. Let's get started.

Here is a lovely picture of Addilyn looking very pretty and happy. (The rest may not be quite so flattering.)
Here is Addilyn as she scrounges for food in our dining room pantry. This morning she found rice. Amazingly enough, she seemed quite content to nibble on it uncooked, grain by grain. It appears that we can no longer store both rice and raisins in this pantry for this reason. But on the bright side, I did get to officially test out my new vaccuum (which picked up this mess with ease!).

Addilyn explores the world of tissues. Luckily she found only clean tissues to rip to shreds. I'm especially fond of her "uh oh, I'm caught" look in this picture.
Much like the first picture, this one is just cute!
We're not sure but it looks like Addilyn may have picked the biggest (and heaviest) blanket ever as a security blanket. I often find her curled up with this blanket on the living room floor sucking her thumb (that's generally when I know it's time for a nap).
And finally we have this lovely picture. Addilyn has become quite the finicky eater as of late. She seems to know precisely what she likes and dislikes and goes to great lengths to portray these opinions to us. So that is what is going on with Addilyn right now (or at least what we have caught in pictures). I hope you enjoy them (and keep reading for more in the future).

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mmmm Juice

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Saturday

"Oh it's a happy day for me, I'm going to be the President of the company." Alright so I'm not actually going to be president of anything, but the first person to tell me which movie that is from will win a dollar. That's right, I'll mail you a whole dollar!

Anyways life is good with us. We finally got our internet setup and I finally got it wireless so we are now super hip people. It's actually pretty cool, we got a wireless router that will allow us to play music from our laptop through our sound system. It's wickity yo. Also I found out that itunes will correct some errors it finds when you rip a CD so I've ripped a couple scratched CD's and itunes has (I think) found the right songs online and made sure that mine match the online copies and corrected them where they do not. I've listened to some and some of the small skips are gone but the big areas of error are still messed up. Oh well.

You'll likely notice that I included some pictures below. They are of my "new" bike. Actually my dad's old road bike which I've fixed up a bit. Basically I rewrapped the handlebars, bought a new seat, put new tires on it, and of course got a speedometer for it. I call this stage one. I'm not sure what stage 2 and beyond include but I think the bike needs to be taken apart at some time for some deep cleaning, and I'd like to rerun the cables. But for now it works great. I've put about 15 miles on it, mostly today, and let me tell you, this seat is comfy. Perhaps not for everybody, Erin didn't like it, but then it is a man's seat. I find it remarkably comfortable. It's pretty nice riding down here, there are absolutely no hills. I had to drive over a bridge just to find the opportunity to get some speed. So if you are driving down sometime I'd advise bringing a bike. It'll be fun.

Erin's a little sick lately. She has a cough and phelgminess which gives her a "sexy" voice. It's fun to mock her. My job is going well. If you want more information about what exactly I work on click on TRAD. It's massively interesting.

So The Office finalied it up last night. Did you miss it? Don't worry you can catch it at I'm sure Erin would like to discuss it with you so give her a call, remember her new number is 281.714.5532 and mine is 281.636.0022.

Well I should go,


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Look! We have finally gotten our apartment completely together and have assembled an extraordinary apartment tour experience for you. Please click on the "Seabrook Apartment Tour" under "Places to Go to Waste Time" to embark. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Houston or Bust pt 3

Hello all. Long time no talk. Much has happened since we last spoke. Mommy, Daddy & I have completed our tour de la Kansas, a cross country(ish) move, Daddy’s first week of work at NASA and have almost gotten everything unpacked. The only thing that remains is getting internet in our new apartment so we don’t have to travel to a coffee shop to communicate with the world (not that we have ever minded going to coffee shops and this one is especially nice and quirky).
So to bring you up to speed, the week of April 21-25 was spent by visiting all our friends and family throughout Kansas. Monday we traveled to Manhattan to see the Floresch’s and to visit all of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite old haunts. We got the chance to go to both of our beloved coffee shops/cafĂ©’s, hike the Manhattan hill, wander City Park, and explore Aggieville one last time before the move which was all wonderful. We also got the chance to catch up with Austin & Melody, the Floresch’s, and all of Daddy’s tae kwon do friends. On Wednesday we drove to Hays to visit college friends and the tae kwon do school there. On our way back from Hays, we stopped by to visit both sets of Mommy’s grandparents. On Friday we started (and finished) the process of filling our u-haul truck with everything we own. It looked long and arduous from my vantage point in the Pack ‘N Play but seemed to go rather quickly once Daddy was able to get started.
That brings us up to last Saturday. On Saturday morning we handed over the keys to the Maryville apartment and all jumped in the truck to head to Daddy’s tae kwon do tournament in Topeka. It was pretty fun pulling up in a u-haul and the excitement seemed to show in Daddy’s performance. He got first in both forms and sparing and seemed to have a lot of fun in the process. After the tournament, we got back in our big truck and headed to a very empty G & G Johnson’s house for the night. I awoke the next

morning to an even emptier house as Daddy had

apparently left already. He left bright and early so he could arrive in Seabrook by 5PM to pick up the key. Luckily Mommy was still around and she took me to church and then to Wichita to hang with Candice and go shopping. It was a good time. When we got back to the G&G’s place it was no longer empty. They had returned and soon Courtney came by with a friend I like to call Jo-Jo. Well from there it was early to bed because we had to get down to Houston the next day.
The next day did come early as we all packed into our respective vehicles. Grandpa drove the big U-Haul truck towing the Mazda which is where I wanted to sit but Mommy wouldn’t let me. Grandma, Mommy and I then followed in the Focus. I really enjoyed the trip. It only took us about 12.5 hours! Once we finally got there Daddy was off work and met us and we hung out and ate and such. Tuesday we unloaded everything and Wednesday G&G drove home where they will likely want to stay for a while as they drove a couple thousand miles in less than a week.
Since being in Houston we have experienced many things not readily available in Maryville. Daddy is enjoying work for NASA. He gets to work on something called the T-rad system which is like a space caulk gun used to repair tiles in space if they happen to get damaged during launch etc, like in the Columbia incident. He actually got to handle the one they used on the last fight. Friday evening we drove to Galveston and I touched the ocean, getting there a full 18.28 times sooner than my mother and quite a bit sooner than my father as well. Saturday we drove to the Galleria, which is a giant, old mall in west Houston. On route we saw a: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Bentley Continental GTC, Lamborghini Gallardo, two Aston Martin DB9’s and I think an older Aston Martin DB7 as well. Oh yeah that morning we saw a deer in the swamp behind our house. After the Galleria we visited an REI outdoor store and became partners in the Co-Op, then we drove to a giant park (yeah everything is bigger in Texas) and took a little walk with the intention of returning soon with our bikes.
All in all it’s been an exciting time and we are excited for what is next. So come visit.
Addilyn Elise

FYI our new address

2800 NASA Pkwy Apt 1608
Seabrook, TX 77586