Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photos: Part 2

More photos.That picture must have been FUNNY!
You might have to click on this one and look at it at full size. Airplanes!
Chasing bubbles.
Riding bikes.
Enjoying the fountain.
Enjoying some quite time by the lake.
Bedtime stories with Ben and Karmyn.
Perusing the menu at Tre Kronor.

Adrian was looking for a place to sit while the kids played on the playground. He found this chair in the bushes, thought it looked comfy, and drug it out for a better view.
We had a picnic at Lake Michigan. Mmm...burgers.
Enjoying some berries and whipped cream for dessert.
More lake views.

Photos: Part 1

Back in May, Tyler's cousins (and their husbands) came to Chicago to visit. It was a grand old time of cousinly comradery (as Courtney was here to partake in the festivities as well). With everyone and their cameras here, there were a lot of pictures taken. Here is the first set of my favorites from that weekend.Asher enjoying some art time.
Addilyn enjoying some art time too (with aunt art time ever!!).
Taking a moment and looking very gangster-like.
Blue eyes!
That's one scary duo!
The aforementioned cousins: Adrian, Denita, Karmyn, and Ben.
Touristy picture of our group at the Bean.
Less-touristy picture of some jumping over a child at the Bean.
A child and man jumping at the Bean. (Apparently, there was a lot of jumping.)
More blue eyes.
Chilling with Karmyn at the fountain park.
Drawing with Adrian.
Enjoying Chipotle. These Canadians (minus Courtney) had never tried Chipotle before. They have now.
Smelling the tulips alond the Magnificient Mile.
Being photographed by random tourists. We fully expect to see Elias someday on an Asian Pampers box or baby food container.
Darth Asher.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Addilyn's Bears

Addilyn got a cookbook for her birthday and earlier this month we decided to finally try it out.
She was super excited to pick out a recipe, find all the ingredients and get going!
Stirring and building some arm strength.
The M&M's all lined up and ready to go.
Flattening some Rice Krispies balls. Smoosh.
Decorating. She got to use the black icing all by herself.
As you can tell, she was pretty excited!
Her beautiful bear creations! Well done, Addilyn!