Monday, November 22, 2010


Thursday, November 18, 2010

1 Month

Elias is 1 month old today.
He's quite the stud.
Check it out: he's started smiling already. Super Cutie!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

October...Part 2

Reading to Elias.
Sleepy Duo.
Sleepy Daddy.
Foot Five.
Cuddly, sleepy baby.
More reading to Elias.
Cheese face while being gooped.

Drum also works well as a stool.
Starting to yawn. Baby yawns are the best.

More cheese face.
Addilyn got back from a trip to the farm (for Halloween) and was super tired. Meanwhile Tyler was doing laundry and when Addilyn's sheet was clean he didn't want to waste time, so he made her bed with her in it. She didn't budge.
Asher staring out the window. One of his favorite activities.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

October...Part 1

Addilyn helped Daddy with the dishes. She's a pretty good helper.
Asher and applesauce. He can feed himself but also likes to experiment with it as a hair product as well.
Playing on the new bunk beds. Video at bottom. Oh and Asher most definitely got up there on his own.
Reading. of Asher's favorite breakfast activities.
Stacking as well...with some help from Daddy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween fun

We went trick-or-treating with a group of kids from the family housing.
Here we are getting ready to head out. Addilyn is the purple/red dragon/dinosaur. Check out her supercute tail; it would swing back and forth as she walked.
Our little peapod. I saw this costume at Target when I was pregnant with Addilyn and so wanted it. Unfortunately both of the older kids were too large for it by the time Halloween came around. I was super-excited that Elias was still so little so he could actually wear it.
Asher was a turtle. He wasn't real thrilled with the hat or gloves and decided against wearing them.
The treat-or-treating posse.
Trick or treat! It was pretty funny to watch Addilyn trick-or-treat. She was so confused as to when she should say what. We tried to go over the procedure a couple of times while we were out (maybe we should have done that before then). At our final stop for the night (Nick and Brittany's), Addilyn was still confused. She ended up saying thank you at the beginning (when they said, "What do you say?) and Trick-or-Treat at the end. It was pretty cute.