Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi! I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a little while since I updated you on all things Johnson (of the Tyler & family variety). Quite a little bit has happened since last time so I should get right to it.

Let's see, last week was pretty eventful. Monday night Mommy & Daddy had a couple of people over for dinner. Apparently the female was someone Daddy had known from his church in Clay Center and the male was her new husband. They seemed very nice and even tipped us off about another church prospect in the area. We all attended a Bible study at this church on Wednesday and their regular service on Sunday morning (actually I attended the nursery on both occasions). Mommy & Daddy seem pretty excited about it so far and are definitely going to check it out some more over the next few weeks.

This past week we also got the opportunity to go visit all our friends (and some family) in Manhattan. Daddy took the day off on Tuesday so we could make the trek to the place of my birth. We got to visit the Floersch's which was very fun. I'm especially fond of that Ian boy. He's so active; there is always something to watch when he is around. I also enjoyed seeing Ayla again. She is much more active and alert than I remember from last time. After spending a few hours at the Floersch's, Mommy, Daddy & I made our way to Aggieville to visit all the old haunts including the ever popular and always missed Java. I luckily got a nap in there because I was running on less than 30 minutes of sleep for the day and was getting pretty cranky. G & G Johnson drove up and met us there. We were able to eat dinner with them and enjoy the Tae Kwon Do demonstration that followed. Daddy seemed to really enjoy that and was very excited to see all his old comrades there. I was able to smile at a lot of people and say, "Hi!" so it was also a hit with me. Anyway, I am making this story needlessly long so to sum up, we had fun and got home after 1 in the morning. All agreed that the trip was well worth the loss of sleep.

Hi! It's my new favorite word. And I think I might even know what this one means! I love saying it to strangers in stores and just any time I'd like to get someone's attention. It seems quite effective and people always smile and return the greeting when I say it. It's great! I've even recently been adding a wave and that seems to improve the effectiveness. I'll do some more research and experimentation with this and get back to you with the results. If it works all the time like I've seen it work so far, it's a wonder that everyone doesn't do this all the time.

Mommy & Daddy have also been doing some experimenting with my hair as of late. Pictures 3 & 4 are documentations of their efforts. Can you guess which tried each style?

I've been working on my new skill of pulling up a lot lately. I'll pull up on just about anything; my crib, the computer tower (as pictured at left; you will also notice I inherited Daddy's love of banging on things), even the cushy furniture in the living room (although that's still pretty hard to get a hold of). I've even started cruising around fairly successfully. I think I could really start getting around if Mommy & Daddy would just scoot the furniture a little closer together. For now though I have finally perfected the art of crawling which provides me with all the mobility I really need, right?

I leave you with a video Mommy took one day when I was supposed to be napping (I never did nap that morning). We call it, "The Monologue". Enjoy!

As always,
Addilyn Elise

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ramble On

Look what I can do now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mock, yeah...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

See My New Trick!!

Good afternoon all my loyal fans. It's has been an exciting week. There have been ups; there have been downs (actually there haven't been all that many ups and downs but I'm feeling especially grandiose this afternoon so you'll have to bear with me). And I plan to tell you about them all (real and imaginary). So sit back and relax as I recreate the journey this week has been.

First of all, Daddy has been tired. It could be from going to bed too late. It could also be because I keep waking everyone up in the middle of the night. Most likely, it is the mixture of the two. Considering the fact that Mommy and Daddy wrote off pop for the entire next year, we have been seeing lots of instances such as pictured at right. If you look closely you will notice that, that is the bear/reindeer I received for Christmas that he is using as a pillow.

Daddy's job has required him to do a lot of sitting at his desk and looking at his computer as of late. He seemed to be getting a restless with this so I was pleased to hear that Monday he got the chance to spend his day doing tests on an engine. Unfortunately the engine wasn't real excited by the testing process and bit Daddy twice. Someone should teach that engine some manners! Maybe that's what Daddy and his fellow nerds were working on.

As for Mommy, she has been enjoying playing with her new cook book. Last night Mommy and Daddy has Italian Barbecue Steak Sammies. I continued with my usual of Apples and Chicken and some sort of fruit. You would think I was getting gypped but they did let me have some of their fancy garlic bread (which I enjoyed greatly) so I can't complain. Other than her cooking exploits, Mommy and I have been enjoying a new play group on Wednesday mornings which gets us both some much needed peer interaction.

And finally, what you've all really been sticking around for: my new trick! I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet; you'll have to watch the video at the bottom and see it for yourselves. But I will give you a hint: the picture at right is part of the destruction from said new trick. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly have. I actually skipped an entire nap yesterday practicing. I was so excited. Anyway speaking of naps, I should get to my afternoon one soon. Thanks for stopping by and I'll look forward to talking to you all again real soon!

As always,
Addilyn Elise

Friday, January 11, 2008

In the Wild

So we've all seen those nature movies where a camera crew goes out to the wilderness to record an animal or group of animals in their natural enviroment. And you've probably seen at least a couple of instances when the camera crew, who are trying to be so inconspicuous, are discovered (and investigated) by their subjects. This video is a little like that. I call it, "Addilyn Au Naturale"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy .833333333333333333333333333 Birthday to me.

That's right I'm 5/6 of a year old today. And on this day a question has been bothering me.

If a person or being has complete power over all animals at all times would you call him carnipotent??

Addilyn Elise

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Short, Pictureless Post (Christmas pt.3)

So after the great shindig here in Maryville everybody decided to get the heck out. Most of us went up north to the great state of Wisconsin (who won't apologize for their cheese mind you)/Minnesota. It was fun, we hadn't been up there for a couple years so I enjoyed visiting my old haunts. We had some fun with family: sledding, eating, yammering and forcing our child upon them for a night of FREEDOM. Erin and I actually had a date, we ate food and went to an indoor amusement park. Fun, fun. We also went shopping for hours and hours. Luckily we had the Mall of America to help us. Erin bought a bunch of new clothes, I bought a new coat, some LEGO, a puzzle and a Whopper. Addilyn didn't get anything. Then we came back. It was quite a fun time.