Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had decided to skip out on Halloween this year.  The past month was pretty crazy around here and we just didn't have time to plan costumes.  Then on Halloween, Tyler came home and told me that some of the seminary community had been working hard to make sure they had Asher-friendly treats to give out.  So sweet!  So with an hour to the designated seminary trick-or-treating time, we started to throw some things together.  
Here's our Halloween roundup.
Addilyn was a crazy cat lady. Look at that blank stare.  She played into it so well...especially after she figured out that she wasn't supposed to be a cat.
Asher was a bass drummer in a marching band.  The drum didn't last more than the first 20 minutes because it was kind of heavy but he enjoyed banging on it while it lasted.
And Elias was...Baby Einstein.  The hair really was the best part of this costume.
So there you have it...three somewhat interesting costumes, one hour of prep, and $0 spent.  Last minute Halloween success!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Elias' Birthday

Just in case you didn't know, Elias had his second birthday a while back.  It was a pretty fun day.
It started with special cereal (Trix) and opening one gift.  He got his very first Lego set: Red from Cars.  He was pretty excited.
He then spent the morning in his usual way, playing with Asher and running around the house.  All of the early morning excitement must have worn him out because he decided to take a pre-lunch nap on the kitchen floor while I did dishes.
After lunch and a more complete nap, we invited some friends over to dinner to celebrate Elias' day.  He even had one friend sing him the Swedish birthday song!  
Birthday cupcakes!  If you're wondering they were Browned Butter Pumpkin with Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting.  Pretty tasty!

Smiling for a photo with his cupcake.
 Enjoying said cupcake (and smoozing for the camera).
Then it was time for gifts.  The first gift he opened was this stuffed raccoon.  If you read to it from special books, he'll interact with you.  Elias latched on to his new friend quickly and named him "Din Din" almost immediately.
 Oooo...a ball.
 Stacking blocks.
A tee ball set.  Does anyone else see where this is going?  He's certainly enjoyed trying to master hitting the ball off the tee, but he's also enjoyed golfing with it and then hitting just about anything (and anyone) else.

All in all, it was a fun day and a very successful second birthday!