Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday President Lincoln!

Apparently, Lincoln's birthday is a big deal in Illinois.  They even give the kids a day off of school to celebrate.  I'm not sure what they are supposed to do to celebrate but obviously learning about President Lincoln isn't it.  This confuses us.  Anyway, to celebrate the day off, we headed down to the Chicago Auto Show.  Here Elias is posing with an orange car.  He was pretty excited.
This Mercedes was very pretty.
I've actually forgotten what vehicle this was.  Tyler will know.  It was important enough for the kids to pose with so I should know.  Nonetheless, here "it" is.  Also, that is Asher's standard picture pose as of late.
Here they were looking "fierce" in front of the new Viper.
Albert hasn't mastered "fierce" yet.  We'll keep trying.
Here we found the exotic car section.  There were some pretty lovely and some not-so-lovely cars in the mix.  All were exorbitantly expensive though.  
This one was especially lovely.  The Aston Martins are my favorites.  If I had too much money and needed to burn it on wasteful things, this is what I would get.  So pretty.
The size of this Rolls Royce is just ridiculous.  It's almost on a different scale than all other cars. I can imagine that would be nice if riding in it but driving it would definitely take some getting used to (and maybe a special permit).
Checking out a racecar.
Showing them how it works.
Albert was finally allowed out of the stroller and he enjoyed the freedom.
The three big kids went for a drive.
Then they got to build some models.
Everyone got one.  The lovely ladies working the model desk even built one for Albert.  Super sweet!
They got down and started playing with them right away.  They may have even gotten in the way a bit during the middle of a presentation on the new Mustang.  Oops!
Said new Mustang.
We finished our trip with a "ride" in the 2014 Mustang and a photo op for the grandpas.
And fun was had by all.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Fairly Albert-centric Post

Sometimes Batman eats lunch with us.
Smiley face with static-y hair.
He's...busy.'s Bigfoot.  We find Albert here a lot lately.  It's one of his favorite places to play.
He also does a lot of climbing on the dining room chairs (mostly to get on the table).
Asher was building a track for his cars out of puzzle pieces. "Stay back, Albert."
Asher has spent a lot of time coloring.
Well done.

"These mittens are awesome!"
Holding up the door.
Albert likes to play peek-a-boo.
 A little peek.
 There's Albert!
Daddy was out of town for a couple of days so Grandma J came to visit. (She's not avoiding Tyler; she just thought she could be helpful.) Here's she was playing a game with Asher and Elias.
And then she helped Addilyn make a bracelet for a friend's birthday.
Albert enjoys his peanut butter sandwich in two pieces.  He always pulls it apart and eats it from the inside out. Silly baby.