Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

While I didn't really expect an overwhelming response to my last post, quite honestly folks that was just insulting. I see now that you don't want to get to know me and my parents better, you don't care about our interests or quirks, but instead you rather view me as simply an object to coo over and get some personal delight in and my parents as nothing more than the means through which you get such pleasures.

Excuse me, occasionally I like to soapbox it up. I think I may have inherited that from one of my parents but I'm not sure which one. They're both
pretty stubborn, but I think Daddy is more vocal
about it so I'll blame him. Mommy just told me she agrees with this thought so it must be correct. Anywho, the last week or so has been almost completely uninteresting. Here are a few of the highlights. A week ago yesterday we went down to Kansas City after Daddy got off work. He met an old friend named Kevin at the Tae Kwon Do school there and they worked out together and had fun and got hurt. I think Daddy really liked it. Check out picture three to see why you shouldn't kick elbows with shins. That's not a second knee installed in case of a necessary emergency roadside knee replacement. Nope
that's just a lump Daddy got from kicking Kevin's
Speaking of bumps check out my first bruise in picture two. I received that baby after a nasty fall. See Mommy and I were out shopping for food, clothing and shelter like usual when all of the sudden these bandits swooped out of nowhere in a hot air balloon and tried to grab our loot. Well I noticed they had grabbed Daddy's chocolate milk stash for the week and knowing how sad this would make him I quickly ran onto the roof of our car and jumped onto a light pole, climbed it and dove from the top into the basket of the thieves' getaway balloon. Naturally after this display of awesomeness they wanted nothing to do with me anymore and quickly surrendered the milk. I grabbed it, jumped out of the basket and landed safely on the ground using my diaper as a parachute. The bump came around later after I slipped at home on nothing apparent and smacked my face on my highchair.

On Friday was Mommy's birthday and they LEFT ME alone with two fairly strange people for like 4 hours. It was, well not really that bad, in fact I kinda had fun with the Bergstens, but the point remains: WHO LEAVES THEIR INFANT ALONE with strangeish people. Mommy and Daddy apparently went to the new Olive Garden in St. Joseph and filled their 110 minute wait time with a movie called The Bucket List. (Do you think English teachers would use the correct style for a movie title even if their blogging. I kinda hope one of my old English teachers reads this and yells at me because Addilyn didn't use quotations or italics or underline or whatever it is supposed to be-Tyler) They said the movie was pretty good, funny but a little sappy. Anyways afterwards they got back to Olive Garden and only had a 15 minute wait. The meal was quite tasty I was told. Then the next day we all packed up shop and left for Nebraska. I know, I know. Ewww, right. Well we went to meet G&G Butts for the weekend and they got us a room at the Embassy Suites. Let me tell you it was Suite. Hehehehehe, that has to be the best joke ever, hahahaha I can't believe nobody has ever thought of that before. While in that backward land we ate some delicious food, saw some fossils/skeletons/dinosaurness at a museum and even swam a little. It was fun.

So that pretty much brings us round to the present day. Daddy was a little sick last couple of days but he's feeling better. Mommy is hanging out with some ladies from church semi-regularly and I'm just cool as ever. You should come see me next weekend. I hear something fun is in the works.

Till then,

Addilyn Elise

Can you say "Verbose Pontification" in German?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Check out this song. The video is rather irrelevant but the song is classic. A little risque at times but quite hilariously awesomely excellent. Here's what you need do. Listen to this song at least twice and then count how many time you find it running through your head over the next couple of days. It's great fun.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Martes, mis abuelos (los padres de mi madre) mandaron flores por Día de los enamorados. Son muy bonitas y fragantes. Mis abuelos mandaron las flores por el correo, realmente por FedEx. Mami nunca había recibido flores por FedEx antes. Ellas entraton en una caja grande y Mami tuvo que arregarlas. Ella tuvo mucha diversión que las pone juntos.

Como siempre,
Addilyn Elise

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fa la la la la

Hello all. It is time again to let you in on the life of Addilyn Elise. Things have been relatively calm on the home front. We've enjoyed a peaceful week thus far without sickness or crisis. Well except for Daddy's tires. The tires on the Mazda keep deflating slowly (actually it's not so slowly anymore; when we came home on Sunday one was completely flat). Daddy took them into Walmart to get fixed and they didn't do anything. But that's a very minor crisis. Well, I guess I might be getting sick now too. Mommy was very surprised when I slept until after 10 this morning. The last two mornings I've been up and at 'em easily before Daddy left. We'll have to see what pans out from this.

This past weekend the parents and I went down to G & G Johnson's house. While we were there, I got to hang out with my aunts and uncle and my cousin Oliver too. It was a pretty fun weekend. I even got to be fawned over by a bunch of people at the church there which is always fun. On the way home on Sunday, Mommy & Daddy stopped by Buca di Beppo's for dinner while going through Kansas City. We got there about an hour before closing and ended up getting seated in a room all by ourselves. It was really kind of fun because I could yell all I wanted and the only people who noticed or cared were members of the wait staff that would laugh at me when they walked by.

Let's see. Other than that, I've been enjoying reading my books a lot lately. There is this one book that I will sit and look through over and over. I don't mind that it's about a reindeer. Oh look, we have a picture of me reading it. As you can tell I have the habit of following along with my finger as I read. Once I become a more experienced reader I'll probably have to work on breaking that habit but for the time being I'm just enjoying reading. I've also enjoy talking as much as possible. I'm really getting into having conversations with people. While I'm still not sure if I'm really getting through to people, I continue to try. Perseverance is the key, right?

Right now I have a song in my head. If anyone knows what it is let me know. It goes like this:
Dodo dodododo dodo dododo

Thanks for your help,
Addilyn Elise

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy 11-Month Birthday!!

Tomorrow is Addilyn's 11-Month Birthday and that's a-okay with her. I know that was horribly cheesy but it's a cute picture, right? Anyway, happy 11-Month, baby girl!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mmm... sleep!

Hello everyone. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've decided that I like sleep. It really is quite wonderful. You get to lay around in a super comfy, really warm crib for hours at a time and you don't get bored or lonesome or hungry or anything. That's why I have been sleeping as much as possible for the last few days. Here are some examples. On Monday, I didn't wake up before Daddy left at a quarter til 7:00 (like I usually do); instead I slept in until 9:00. It was nice, so nice in fact that I decided to try it again the next morning and ended up not getting up until a quarter til 10:00!! I was all set to try again on Wednesday morning but when Daddy came in to say goodbye before he left for the day, he woke me up. That normally wouldn't have been a real big problem for someone as determined as myself but I was HUNGRY. So I ate as quickly as I could, promptly went right back to sleep and slept until 10:30. Mommy seemed to be okay with all my extra sleep in the morning until I decided that I would take my normal long morning naps as well. She keeps trying to get me to stay up longer which is why I (determined as I am) continue curling up on the floor and trying to go to sleep there. She seems to be a little worried about me but I've tried to tell her it's just that I've gotten so active while I'm awake that I need to compensate.
As we've established in previous posts, I'm pulling myself up on everything (even things as wobbly as my car seat) and crawling everywhere. I absolutely love the new freedom and mobility I have. I can go from one end of the apartment to the other (and often do) in less than a minute. Sometimes I get so excited about crawling around quickly that my legs will go faster than my hands and I'll fall over. This always seems to get a smile out of Mommy so I continue to do it just for her sake (you know, you've got to keep your audience happy).

Other than that, there have been a few things going on around our house. This past weekend Mommy, Daddy and I all went to Topeka for a Tae Kwon Do instructors seminar that Daddy had to attend. Mommy and I got to spend the day with Aunt Courtney, Aunt Kendall, Lisa Habluetzel and Candice Weathers who all made the trip for a Girls' Day. We went out to eat (although I ate my usual squash and Cheerios), wandered through the mall and finally ended up at Barnes & Noble. All and all it was a pretty fun day. Daddy said that he was feeling a little low on Addilyn time though, (since he spent all of Saturday away from me) so last night he took me to St. Joe to look for Mommy's birthday gift. We had fun, but I was a little tired toward the end.

We are all pretty excited about this weekend as we are making the trek down to El Dorado. We haven't been down there since November (and since I got sick last time, I haven't seen the church since Labor Day weekend) so it is definitely time. It should be fun. I'll get the chance to see my cousin Oliver and hang out with Grandma & Grandpa.

Anyway, I should go. It's getting about time for my nap.

I leave you with a video Daddy took of me enjoying a band called Sevendust (some of Daddy's heavy music).

As always,

Addilyn Elise