Friday, December 19, 2014

Albert is 2!

Albert turned 2 yesterday!  He is still working on showing 2 fingers.
He started his day with a bowl of birthday cereal.  Lucky Charms were a hit.  
And he got to open a couple of presents with his breakfast.  He was pretty excited about both the book and the new blanket set.
Dinosaur Train!
He was actually pretty into posing for his 2-year pictures.
Genuine smile.
Elias was showing him another way to show 2 with his fingers.
Belly button!
Well, that was embarrassing.
Hey, look at those boots!
Once his bed was made, he had try out the new dinosaur blanket and sheets.  This may be the only time he's gone to bed in the middle of the morning. It didn't last long but going down for his afternoon nap was a breeze.  Yay!
After dinner (his favorite pizza) he opened a couple more presents.  
That's his new "monster" hat.
And he got a plane that he can take a part and put back together.  He was pretty excited about both.

We had a meeting last night so we'll do the more traditional birthday party with cupcakes, etc on Saturday when Grandma and Grandpa B get here.  On the whole, it looks like he enjoyed his birthday.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tyler's Phone Photos

Back in September, we took the family to the Clay County Fair (that's Clay County, IA).  Apparently it's kind of a big deal.  It's supposed to be the biggest county fair in the world and is certainly supposed to rival the state fair. It's such a big deal that the school gives the kids a day off so they can go. Anyway, this picture is of our one fair food this year: poutine.  If you're not Canadian, you may not have heard of this delicacy.  It's fries and cheese curds covered in gravy.  It may not sound all that appetizing but trust me, it's delicious.  We were pretty excited when we saw the booth.
We went and wandered the fair for an afternoon.  We saw some cattle and hogs.  We watched a calf roping competition for a while (the kids found that pretty interesting).  We spent a large chunk of time at the huge model train exhibit.  We even watched a live bear show.  We ended our day with everyone (except Albert) getting to go on a ride.  Elias chose the carousel.  And the bigger two chose the swings.  Asher looked so tiny sitting in that chair, but seemed to enjoy the experience (for the most part).
We went on a biking trip through Okoboji (a vacation spot about an hour north of Albert City).  We biked and biked and then went out for dinner.  After dinner we all shared a milk shake.  I was spooning the very last of it out and Albert thought every bite was for him.  He followed every spoonful with his mouth wide open.  
Albert can fit through the legs of our kitchen peninsula (which we've/I've named Stanley, for future reference).  
Elias had a visitor while he was in the hospital.  He was pretty excited to see Colin and to watch the movie Cars with him. "Tolin" is his favorite.
We went to Estes Park for the Midwest Conference Pastors' Retreat.  While we were there, we saw these elk wandering through the grounds of the resort.
Elias was super tired on our trip (as we all were; apparently 6 people in one hotel room isn't super restful).  He fell asleep in the dining hall during dinner and was out cold for a good 30 minutes.
Albert got stuck in a sea of leaves.
Smiley face.
We went to Twin Lakes Bible Camp for their Pumpkin Fest.  Twin Lakes is only about 45 minutes away and has a lot of ties with our church.  It was our first time there to see the grounds and meet some of the staff.
The kids were all hooked on the trampoline they had at Twin Lakes.  I don't know if you can see him, but this is Elias jumping with all his might.
And then Asher.
And then Addilyn.  The kids were in their happy place.  They also got to go on a zip line, jump in a huge bouncy house, and play in a corn maze.  Albert loved their big tunnel. It was short enough that all the other kids had to stoop or crawl but he could just run right through. Big fun!
The school's Halloween costume parade.
We went to Kansas for Thanksgiving.  It was very cold when we left.
Our van does this whenever it's really cold out.  It doesn't really matter how hard you have the blowers on, it will still fog over (and if it's super cold, then freeze).  It makes trips extra fun.
We went to my uncle's house for Thanksgiving dinner and then on to Clay Center.  On Friday we saw all the sights including the playground.  I think we have a similar picture of Asher in this same jacket riding one of these horses.  Good times.
Asher tried his first ever Tasty Pastry donut.  If you read labels carefully, you'll see that at least a few of them are egg-free. Yippee!
On Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to a Kansas State game with my parents.  Here we were tailgating in a field.  That trailer (not ours') made a really handy table.  
All excited for their first (for all but Addilyn) K-State football game!!
I need to pay more attention to the game.
Chilling with Grandpa.
This picture is completely out of order.  It was from a trip to Kansas City back in October.  I think it will reappear at some point in the future as an invite to some sort of support group. "Got a monkey on your back?"

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall 2014

Here is the summation of our fall in one long post.  Enjoy!
Elias was sick a few times.  It was all related to his breathing or inability to breathe.  We took him in to a doctor the week after we moved.  And then at the end of September/beginning of October, he had to be admitted to the hospital because his breathing issues popped up again.  He was in the hospital overnight and released with some hefty (and very expensive) meds to help prevent this problem from popping up again.

Here he is playing with some Lego.  It wasn't the most fun we've ever had in 30 hours but it did seem really effective in getting this breathing issues finally under control.
Here's Albert.
The backyard as the leaves were just starting to change.
Tyler and the kids (although mostly just Tyler) built a fort/hut in the backyard.
 Raking/playing in the leaves.
Happy boy and his car.
We went on a bike ride on the trail around Storm Lake. Here are the kids on a big rock by the playground.
 He thought this was so funny.
 Monkey boy.
 More raking leaves.
Hut side #1
Hut side #2.

Tyler was searching for more sticks in our sea of leaves.  It was SO pretty.
Asher was very excited...about something.

Playing in the leaves some more.
Sitting in the hut with Daddy.
Two boys in a hut.
The girls (Addilyn and her friend, Kylie) were doing girly things in the hut (braiding leaves/grass, I think) and Asher was pretty mesmerized.