Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Update

We have finally started packing around here. I hate packing. Mostly because I get made fun of for packing everything way too heavy (I'm starting with much smaller boxes this time around). It could also have something to do with the fact that I hate tape. While I deal with those issues, I thought I could also share what's been going on in our house.

Addilyn and Asher have a love-love relationship. Addilyn loves to play with and entertain Asher. He's like her own living doll. And Asher just loves to watch Addilyn. If he's upset, most times he'll calm down if she starts talking or does something worth watching. Last week Addilyn decided to share everything in our pantry with Asher.

He gets an upclose look at all or stuff and she heads back for more.

We are still swaddling Asher, mostly because he likes to claw at his face when he's sleepy. He's a super-strong boy so we have to swaddle him tight if we want it to stay. Tyler demonstrates the solidness of this swaddle.

Asher can roll over quite easily these days. He can even roll over while swaddled. Here he's completely out during one of his naps.

Addilyn loves to play with her cars. Here she's got them all lined up.

Tummy time.

Happy face.

More tummy time.

Another happy face.

We went to the beach last Saturday.

It was Asher's first trip to the beach.

He didn't go in the water (because of his open sores), but the sea breeze really seemed to help his skin. We actually went back to Galveston last night to play putt putt with some friends and might head back again before we leave just for his skin.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goodbye Homer

We had Homer for less than a year but we loved him every minute. In case you hadn't heard, we sold our van last Thursday. We're still a little sad about it.

Just to commerate him, here is a picture of Homer on the day we brought him home.

And here's a picture of him on our first adventure together. We went on the ferry across Galveston Bay to the Bolivar Peninsula a week after we bought him.

And here is the picture of him right before we said goodbye. Somehow it seems fitting that it was raining.

Goodbye Homer. You are already missed.

P.S. The new Song of the Now is Smooth Criminal. You can choose the Alien Ant Farm version or Michael Jackson's original. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Addilyn thinks the song is about her. And yes she is OK.

Monday, July 20, 2009

3-Month Pictures

I didn't take Asher's 3-month pictures on the 2nd. Bad Mommy. His face was all broken out because of his rashes and I thought I'd wait until we got it all cleared up. Having been to the dermatologist twice now (and with an appointment scheduled to go back a third), I realized that this wasn't going to be a quick fix and that I should just take the pictures anyway.

Without further ado... Asher's 3-month pics (with super cute outfit provided by the Habluetzel's... thanks!):

This last one is my favorite. I think it's the expression that gets me. It could be the teensy bit of drool too.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


For those of you who haven't heard yet, we thought it was time to make the official announcement. We are moving to Chicago. Tyler has decided to enroll in seminary. Goodbye engineering; hello full-time ministry! Click here if you want to check out the school.

So in less than a month we are once again packing everything up and moving (only this time we're headed north to somewhere where it will blissfully cool). That's getting kind of close; I guess we best get packing!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rainy Playdate

We went to Kemah this morning to play in the fountains with the Saldanas. When we got there we were disappointed to see that they were doing some repairs to the fountains and that they weren't on. We decided to walk around for a while and see if they would turn them on in a bit. While we were waiting, it started raining. The kids enjoyed planning in the rain and puddles.

It rained hard.

Puddle jumping.

Addilyn found some trash in the puddle.

Playing in the rain with Matthew.

All in all, it was a pretty fun playdate. Even if it wasn't what we originally planned.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures II

Addilyn will occasionally play with some of the other little girls after church. Normally she's off playing on the keyboard or running around in circles, screaming.

Addilyn showing Asher how to play with his toy.

I was feeling crafty and thought it was time to get started on Asher's letters.

Asher's post while I was painting.
Mmmm. This toy is good.

Happy Addilyn.

Addilyn reading to Asher.

I was going to take a picture of Asher but Addilyn decided to join him on the pillows. They look comfy.

We went to the Seabrook pool last night. Asher had it made in the shade.

This picture makes me laugh.

Fountain fun.

All decked out with floaties.

Pool fun.

Watching Daddy dive.