Monday, April 23, 2012

Really, people...REALLY?!!!

We post a picture on here of a (hamburger) bun in the oven and you don't say anything?!!  We got only one comment on that post and it was just vague enough that we're not sure if they got it or not.  To be honest, we're more than a bit disappointed.

For those of you that are still at a loss, hopefully this picture clears it up.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We found this on Asher's birthday. Yay!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Asher's Birthday

Asher had a birthday on Monday. It was his 3rd. Such a big boy!
These are some of his birthday pictures. Since we had a big party for him on Saturday, his actual birthday on Monday was pretty chill. He didn't do a whole lot out of the ordinary for him aside from the phone calls, birthday songs, and pictures we took. Oh, and I guess we did get to eat dinner (his choice was Asher meatballs) in the den while watching Cars so that was pretty exciting too.
Putting on his shoes.
Addilyn read to him some of his new books. I love how he crossed his feet. He does that a lot.
Here he's eating his special breakfast (Crunch Berries) and trying to figure out how to hold up only 3 fingers. That silly ring finger just won't stay up! It's still a work in progress.
He tried out the super cool straw glasses Aunt Courtney got him. He enjoyed them quite a bit.
We don't have a lot of pictures from his actual party (we had Aunt Courtney take the pictures for us...because she's awesome). Here is the cake. As Asher cakes go, this was really good. It might be the lack of flax seed or egg replacer. Either way, it was so much better than my previous attempts at Asher's birthday cake. Yay!

The birthday song and blowing out those candles.

Playing with the box.