Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Asher's Birthday Interview

Asher: Age 7

What is your favorite color? green
Who is your best friend? that's hard...I'll say Henry but I like them all!
What is your favorite TV show/movie? Wild Kratts and Big Hero 6
What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? ride my new bike and play baseball with my new bat and ball
What is your favorite thing to do indoors? build Legos and play in the new box (the bike box)
What is your favorite game? Cops and Robbers
What is your favorite thing to wear? my 7 shirt!
Where would you want to go on vacation? when I'm 15 I'll go to Kansas City to ride the biggest waterslide ever!
What do you like most about your siblings? Addilyn - that she's a good artist; Elias and Albert - hmmm...I can't think of anything.
Now that you are seven, what would you like to learn/know? nothing...but I want to do science
What do you want to be when you grow up? train engineer and a building engineer and a racercar driver
What is your favorite toy? my new bike
What do you sleep with at night? the ladybug blanket
What is your favorite thing to do as a family? go to Kings Pointe...especially the outdoors part
What is your favorite art project? making snowmen with Mrs. Bean
What is your favorite subject in school? science
What is your favorite cereal? Cinnamon Life
What is your favorite lunch? burgers at school
What is your favorite dinner? Asher meatballs...and burgers
What is your favorite snack? fruit snacks
What is your favorite dessert? the cookies I brought to school (chocolate and marshmallow) and ice cream
What is your favorite drink? milkshakes...and lemonade...water...milk...I like drinks!
What is your favorite animal? my sick bear and Batty
What is your favorite song? Yellow Flickerbeat (by Lorde)
What is your favorite book? The Little Red Caboose
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Asher's 7th Birthday!!

Saturday was Asher's 7th birthday!! It started off as any good birthday should, with some delicious birthday cereal. This year it was Reese's Puffs.
Then it was time to open his present.
It was a new bike!  He was pretty excited about said bike.
The kids were also pretty enthralled with the box in which the bike came. It was perfectly Asher's length.
It was also big enough for two.
He was super happy to be able to put the bike together. (He was trying to put on the pedals within seconds of opening the box!)
The box was played with, on and off, for the entire day...sometimes by the entire crew at once.
After the bike was all put together, it was time to take it out for his first ride. Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly on Saturday but that didn't stop him. He just bundled up and headed out.

Birthday pictures (in a post to follow) and a traditional picture with Momma. That tongue!
Per his request, we celebrated by going swimming at King's Pointe.
The kids all enjoyed the slides. Here the two older boys were taking a tube up the three flights of stairs to head down a slide together. They earned that super-fun ride!

I love how he still comes up smiling!
After swimming, it was time for Asher meatballs. This recipe has changed drastically in the past few years (we've been able to add milk, cheese, wheat (at least for a little bit there), and egg) but they are still called Asher meatballs if they are served over rice.
And after dinner it was time for cake!

This year Asher requested an ice cream cake like Addilyn had on her birthday, only with chocolate. This cake had triple chocolate (chocolate ice cream, Cocoa Pebbles coated in semi-sweet chocolate, and mini chocolate chips).
After dessert, we drove a couple miles north of town and laid, all bundled up, in a field to watch the International Space Station fly over. It took six minutes and was super bright. It was really fun!
I asked Asher at the end of the night if he had a good birthday and he said it was his best one yet. I'm so glad, Asherman!