Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long December

It's been a long couple of weeks. We've done quite a bit and haven't blogged but a bit of it. This is the catch up blog to get everyone up to date on what was happening throughout the month (outside of the hospital).

Asher experienced his first snow (see the one flake in his hair; there were more flakes too even if you can't see them in this picture)

Sleepy Asher boy.

Asher sitting and watching some TV.

Like all responsible parents, we decided it would be super fun to take our kids for a walk out in the cold to see the Christmas lights downtown. Here are out children all bundled and ready for the trip.

To save on parking and traffic, we took the train. The huge stroller was surprisingly easy to manuever on and off and the children were comfortable throughout.

The lighting downtown was difficult to photograph in thus we have this interesting picture.

Tyler and the statue on one end of the Magnificient Mile.

Good thing the kids were really bundled becauses it was just about freezing outside.

The train ride home.

Addliyn after enjoying a Christmas cookie. Happy girl.

Addilyn was an angel in the Christmas program at church. Actually she got all dressed up and then watched the performers from the front row while they sang. But she looked pretty cute!

And here's Asher enjoying his hour-long soak for his skin. We have to lotion him, wrap him in a wet gown and hold him for an hour twice a day. It's definitely helping his skin so it's well worth the effort.
We'll update about Christmas very soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

He's Baack

Hey, guess what. Asher's back home! He was hospitalized for Failure to Thrive on Wednesday. He was losing weight and of course his eczema was driving him crazy. The doctors did well. They think he has trouble digesting milk protein and thus was losing weight and it also contributed to his skin issues. So they have him eating a special formula and it's working well. He gained about a pound and a half in the hospital and his skin is looking so much better.
Asher playing in his crib sometime around the middle of his stay. Note his huge hand (an IV line lost its vein) and his 'mega man' like bazooka arm (protecting his new IV access)

Chilling in the crib

Early in the visit

Late in the visit.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gingerbread houses, and Asher's first blog

Hello everybody, I'm Asher this is my first post.
Daddy is busy with school work and Mommy and Addilyn are coloring so I thought I'd sneak onto the computer and introduce myself to the blogosphere. The other day I helped Momma supervise both Addilyn and Daddy while they built gingerbread houses. Here are some pictures of their creations.

Addilyn's house

Here are the two creations together.

And again.

A close up of part of Daddy's creation

Another close up
Addliyn is so proud of her creation.
Well there you have it. If you can figure out the story behind Daddy's then you'll win a free evening of babysitting me. Ready GO.