Friday, April 3, 2015

Asher's Birthday Interview

Genuine smile.
Super excited smile.
Just to reiterate, 6!
Asher: Age 6 

What is your favorite color? dark blue
Who is your best friend? That's hard. I don't have a best friend.  I have 5 favorite friends (Ava, Remy, Leland, Braden, Fisher)
What is your favorite TV show/movie? Wild Kratts/Disney Planes
What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? play football
What is your favorite thing to do indoors? play with Dad's LEGO or my model
What is your favorite game? mix-up
What is your favorite thing to wear? my 6 shirt and short
Where would you want to go on vacation? to the go hiking
What do you like most about your siblings? Addilyn - playing with her
Elias - sleepovers in his bed
Albert - making him laugh
Now that you're six, what would you like to learn/know? how to drive a plane, race car, and train
What do you want to be when you grow up? train driver
What is your favorite toy? LEGOs
What do you sleep with at night? my blanket, pillow and a stuff animal (Sick bear, Batty or Flip)
What is your favorite thing to do as a family? go camping?
What is your favorite art project? making rockets
What is your favorite subject in school? PE
What is your favorite cereal? Lucky Charms or Trix
What is your favorite lunch? Nutella oatmeal
What is your favorite dinner? burgers or Asher meatballs
What is your favorite snack? candy
What is your favorite dessert? Me-friendly cake or cupcakes
What is your favorite drink? chocolate milk or colored juice (V8 fusion)
What is your favorite animal? bat, bear, dinosaur
What is your favorite song? The Sun is a Mass 
Here is a video (although he only knows the version Tyler and I sing)
What is your favorite book? Go, Dog, Go ( I can read the whole thing!)
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!

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Seriously cute.
Asher in his natural habitat.
He's getting you.
Running with his tongue out...100% Asher.
I seriously love this kid!!

Asher's Birthday

Yesterday Asher turned 6! He got to help me make the cupcakes to celebrate with his kindergarten class.  He was pretty jazzed about licking the spoon.
His birthday started with a very nutritious bowl of special cereal.  He chose a mix of Trix and Lucky Charms.  
And then he got to open one gift before school.
Silly, happy Asher face.
Everyone enjoyed his special cereal selections.
He went to school, soccer practice, and then returned home.  Just before dinner he got to open the rest of his gifts.
Everyone was interested in this card.
Hey, look!  A swim towel with swim trunks and the promise of swimming lessons.  Pretty exciting!
Now for that bigger present over there.
Sounding it out.
And some Star Wars books.  He's already worked his way through this one.
Then it was time for his chosen dinner.  He picked burgers and sweet potato fries.  Good choice, kid!
Literally licking his plate.  His finished his special day watching Disney Planes with his two sick brothers while the rest of us attended our Maundy Thursday service.  He seemed to enjoy the day from beginning to end. Yay!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Addilyn's Birthday Interview

Addilyn: Age 8

What is your favorite color? light blue
Who is your best friend? that's a hard one! Alexandra?
What is your favorite TV show/movie? Wild Kratts/Big Hero 6
What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? go swimming
What is your favorite thing to do indoors? read with my reading pillow
What is your favorite game? exercise ball tag
What is your favorite thing to wear? tank top and shorts
Where would you want to go on vacation? Florida
What do you like most about your brothers? That they like riding bikes with me
Now that you are eight, what would you like to learn/know? really hard math problems like 50+37
What do you want to be when you grow up? engineer (not the train kind), veterinarian
What is your favorite toy? Buzz Lightyear
What do you sleep with at night? Cornelius!
What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Go on vacation
What is your favorite art project? pop up cards
What is your favorite subject in school? Science
What is your favorite cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch
What is your favorite lunch? Nutella oatmeal
What is your favorite dinner? BBQ meatballs
What is your favorite snack? Tootsie Roll Pop
What is your favorite dessert? rice pudding
What is your favorite drink? lemonade
What is your favorite animal? giraffe and dolphin
What is your favorite song? Let It Go
What is your favorite book? The Frozen book I got for my birthday
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Addilyn's birthday party

Addilyn turned 8 on Monday.  She had a party to celebrate such a milestone on Friday evening.  Here's her 8 cake.  Lovely, no?
She's blowing out her candles.
Enjoying the "Addilyn."  Don't worry, neither she nor any of her friends ate nearly that much cake.
Gift time!
Look at all those school/art supplies.  That's a very happy girl!!
The party was the first time Addilyn hosted a sleepover.  The girls (and some of the boys) were all pj'ed up and ready to watch Tangled.  It has become a classic.
A sleepy crew eating some special Frozen cereal.  They may have been awake past 11 but they still managed to be up and at 'em before 8.  Crazy girls!
It was a successful first slumber party and a good way to celebrate the girl.  Hooray!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Christmas

These pictures are getting to be ridiculously old but we're going to ignore that and soldier on.
My parents came right before Christmas to hang and out and celebrate with us.  Addilyn and Grandma played a pretty epic game of Scrabble.
Addilyn won. She was pretty excited.
The boys played Zingo with Grandpa.
Time for presents! A couple of gifts were for the entire group of kids.  I just think it's fun when they all open the gift at once.  Teamwork!
One of those group gifts from G&G B was this.  It's a snowball maker.
Books. Doodling books.
New pjs!  He was pretty excited to cuddle up with them.
Kids' picture calendar.
Addilyn got a new coat. Pretty snazzy!
I'm sure the entire neighborhood will enjoy watching the kids play with this when things get warmer.  They also got a stoplight to help ease traffic concerns as they are peddling around our sidewalks.
Daddy explaining Asher's car building kit.
"Daddy, I'd really like to put this on now."
"Yep, this is just as fuzzy as I thought it would be."
 More group presents.
It's a trailer to pull with the pedal tractor!

We're almost up to Christmas.  I will get us up to date.  Hang in there friends!