Monday, August 24, 2015

The First Day of School

Today was Addilyn's first day of 3rd grade.
And Asher's first day of 1st grade.
It is surprisingly cool here for late August so the kids had to wear their jackets for the first day. I love how Elias' pj shirt is tucked into his pants.
Can you tell she's excited to go back to school?
 So was he.
The yearly picture with Momma.
Times 2.
And with Dad. So stoic.
Ready to bike to school.
So happy!
There they go.
Someone did not like being left behind.
After school, we had our traditional BBQ meatballs. This was the first year that Asher could partake. Yay!
This is one of Addilyn's favorite meals.
Instead of a cake this year, we celebrated with monster cookie bars.
Asher eating a cookie filled with peanut butter and eggs... I'm still getting used to this.
All in all, it was a pretty fun day. Here's to another fun-filled school year!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Before and After

Addilyn got a new hairdo for the new school year. Super fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Grand Adventure: Part 5

After our epic day of fun in Yellowstone, it was time to head out. We had to drive all the way through the park to head toward my parents (which was our next destination) so we decided to hit up a couple of the sights we missed the day before. Here is yet another waterfall.
These boys were happy to be out and hiking.
The whole crew climbing.
This helps give you some perspective.
Selfie with my girl.
Our last picnic spot in Yellowstone.
After that, we headed out of the park. We drove through the Grand Tetons (which were beautiful) and on to our next campsite, about 20 minutes outside of Casper, WY.
Tyler was getting our fire built at our campsite.
They are both a bit blurry but I love the series of this picture and the next.
We camped at Ayers Natural Bridge and this was the on top of the landbridge.
Our campsite was beautiful but we set up on an area that wasn't completely level. When we woke up, all the boys had rolled toward the tent door (which was the low point).
Breakfast time.
The aforementioned landbridge.
"Let the little children come to me." Sorry, Tyler, you're no Jesus. Albert was not having it.
"Let's ponder that."
This kid and his expressions!
So happy!
This kid has some pretty special expressions as well.

They were examining some tadpoles.
After we got packed up and back on the road, we head through Cheyenne. We were so excited to be back in civilization! We ate Five Guys, got some Starbucks and then a couple of hours later, stopped for ice cream.
We spent the next two nights at my parents. We relaxed and recovered from our 5 nights in a tent. We also went to the playground.

We really like watching American Ninja Warrior as a family. When we go to playgrounds, Tyler will oftentimes come up with different American Ninja Warrior-esque obstacles for the kids to complete. It's there favorite game. Here is a particularly difficult obstacle that Tyler came up with. Asher and Addilyn worked on this for probably 20 minutes before figuring it out. This was his first successful run.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Grand Adventure: Part 4

As we continue with our epic Yellowstone tour, we hiked down to another waterfall.  This time instead of looking at the waterfall from afar, we were at the brink of the waterfall.
Want a better view?
Nope, nope, nope!
Happy boys!
Forced selfie #3. My mom mentioned that the background looks fake, but I promise it isn't.
The sun came out and there was a rainbow!

Everyone had to check out said rainbow. Ooo, aaah!
The overlook overlooking the overlook.
Here's a series of pictures of just the kids. After this picture, we told Asher to open his eyes.
Both Asher and Addilyn obeyed and we ended up with this gem. It makes me laugh.
I can't decide if I like this one...
...or this one better. They both show off their personalities so well!
After the waterfalls, we hiked out to one more overlook. You need to click on this picture so you can see it bigger.
Tyler went out there (the kids and I did NOT!). He loved it! He said he wished he could have had some coffee and a good book to read out there. Weirdo.
This helps give you more perspective on his view.
After admiring the waterfalls, we booked it across the park to see Old Faithful. We made it probably 15 minutes before it went off. Phew! The kids still got a good seat though.
Old Faithful! We didn't really explore the area around Old Faithful too much. Elias was asleep when we got there and I carried him from the van to our viewing point. After we got set down, we realized that Elias only had one shoe. After the eruption, we spent 15-20 minutes retracing our steps and looking for Elias' shoe only to realize that it had never left the van.
After Old Faithful, we headed to the Grand Prismatic Spring. This set of springs were so pretty. Although it was weird to walk through the clouds of hot, humid air.
 The Grand Prismatic Spring. Albert and Elias spent the walk to the spring learning how to say its name. It was pretty cute to hear them say it.

Walking on the board walk. It was a little unnerving corralling our brood among the masses on this narrow path. I kept warning them that if they weren't careful, they would fall to their doom. I don't think they took me too seriously.
When we were done checking out the springs, we had to go down and feel the river they feed into. It was interesting to feel how much warmer it was there compared so the rest of the waters in the park.
After the springs, we went to see the paint pots. This was a white one but we saw orange, pink, blue, and black as well.
Enjoying the view.
Between the springs and the paint pots, we got stuck in some serious traffic. We were full-out stopped on the road for nearly an hour. Once traffic began moving again, we never did figure out why we stopped. We assumed it was probably some bison near the road that everyone stopped to see but we couldn't confirm that.
Because of our hour-long delay (plus more for construction on our route back to the campsite), it was nearly dark when we got back to our campsite. Asher and Albert were solidly asleep (we just moved them from the van straight to their beds). We had to cancel our planned meal of tacos and went for the much quicker and easier cereal. It was a very long and very full day of Yellowstone fun!