Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Frontier

A couple of weeks ago, Asher completed a baked egg challenge with his new allergist.  He went to the clinic, ate something with egg baked in it, and everyone watched him for two hours.  He didn't have any reaction and he was pretty excited about it!!
After his baked egg challenge, he celebrated with Burger King. Yay?
After successfully passing this challenge, that meant he could try all sorts of new foods.  Here he is trying a cookie bar.  It's a family favorite. He was pretty excited to finally be able to try it out. Bite!
Washing it down with some milk.
Now he is able to eat foods with eggs baked in them (cookies, cake, breads, etc).  He still can't have regular eggs or anything that has egg that hasn't been baked (French toast, pancakes, etc), but baked eggs is a step in that direction.
We have even scheduled his peanut challenge for mid-summer.  If he passes that too, next school year could be very different.  Yay!

The one weird thing about this is that he has had two reactions to baked egg: one to something at church and one to cinnamon rolls at school.  Our theories as to why he had a reaction to those things abound.  Maybe they were not baked as long or at as high of a temperature as the rest.  Maybe the eggs are different (everything he has not had a reaction to has been baked with eggs from the same set of chickens).  Hopefully, with further exposure, he will continue to build a tolerance to eggs and these problems will no longer pop up.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Positively Random

The kids were practicing punches with Daddy in his tae kwon do space.
Hey, we went to the ECC's Midwinter Conference in Denver (way back in January).  This was probably my favorite moment: Albert fell asleep on me.  The best!!
This is us coming back from the birthday trip to Omaha.  Everyone (but Tyler obviously) fell asleep.
Addilyn drew this at school.  She won fourth place in a contest with it.  Way to go, girlie!
At the end of March, we headed to Sioux City for an outing. Mmmm, Chipotle!
While we were there we got to check out this Jackson Pollock painting that was on display at the art museum. It's so big (and fascinating)!
Albert thoroughly enjoyed his ice cream and disc golf with Daddy.
The kids were helping pick asparagus.
We had to air out (and weather treat) our new tent.  It's ginormous!!
For Mother's Day, we went on an adventure.  I wanted pizza so we picked a pizza place in a town we'd never been to and set off.  Unfortunately, we got there and they weren't open on Sundays.  So we set out for another town with a pizza place.  Here we're at Pizza Ranch in Le Mars, IA.
After pizza, we got ice cream at Dairy Queen.  The kids each got their own dipped cone.
So exciting!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chalk Paint and Spring Soccer

For Easter the kids got these sidewalk chalk paints.
They were messy but fun.
Guess who chose the orange?
They ended up making a very elaborate track and road system.
Super fun!
Albert was throwing around this tiny soccer ball.
Daddy may have thrown the soccer ball to/at him.
Beginning in April, the oldest two kids started spring soccer.
Sometimes, we were cold.
Tyler was one of the assistant coaches (kid wrangler) for Addilyn's team.
Luckily it was warmer at the noon game.  The spectators seemed much happier.
I think Albert was giving her a kiss, or at least a head bump.
Kick again!
The herd of puppies!  I love watching the littlest ones because they move as a pack when chasing the ball.  It's seriously cute! I definitely spend most of the game laughing.  I hope the other parents don't think I'm deranged (I just can't handle all of the cuteness!).

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Everyone got in on the egg dying action this year.
Even Daddy and Albert were able to participate.  Yay!
Oooo, green!
Easter is a bit of a blur.  I know we went to church and that the service was nice.  I don't really remember what we did after that... except for what we see in these pictures.
It was a really nice day, thus Tyler's shorts and all our sunbathing.
 And I dance, dance, dance, da dance, dance, dance... I'm a pretty girl.
Helping out with the mowing.
The girls.
Looking for their Easter baskets (or bags really).
They found them!!
Checking out their loot!  Yay for a fuzzy Easter!  I think Tyler got sick that night.  Adventures in pastoring.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Late Winter and Early Spring

Albert is just feeding his monkey.
He definitely was planing on trying to ride the bee on top of the card table. When I came around the corner, he stopped and gave me this smile.  I'm going to have to keep my eye on this one.
Sad boy.
Cousins, being cousinly.
Not so fussy.
Lego and juice...can life get better?!
Helping out at the church work day.
Just a dragon in our kitchen.
But check out his shoes!