Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swankocity Lost

Hello, It's been a while since we've spoken and I have much to tell you.

First off, how cute do I look in jeans? Pretty cute is right.

So, we are moving. Mommy and Daddy decided that we are moving to Maryville, Missouri. Dad got a job offer to be a R&D Engineer with Kawasaki and has accepted. So he put in his two weeks and suddenly everything is going to change, again.

Mommy and Daddy have been fighting a lot lately over who gets to read the new Harry Potter book; they are about halfway done and so far nothing super exciting has happened.....or has it?

Last weekend we visited Manhattan. Daddy's old Tae Kwon Do instructor helped him do some stuff with the car and now the tires will wear better. We also visited the Floerschs and I met Ayla. She's itty-bitty and very spindly. Ian remembers me. He talks a lot more now. Our visit also included: Lunch at 4th St. Cafe, Mocha and Mango Berry Freeze's at Java, Resist Temptations (Burgers with a fried egg on them) from So Long Saloon, a couple trips to Hastings (one ending in a most worthy purchase of the Foo Fighters album "The Colour and the Shape" which is possibly the best album of the 90's, or so I'm told), Wal-Mart, the dam spillway and the Best Western (which was never really a haunt of theirs but that's where we stayed the night).

Much like Daddy in the hotel while watching Legally Blonde I like to sleep. I may not always remember this fact but I assure you, I like to sleep. I like to watch my flutterbug as I drift off to sleep and then once I'm there I like to pet my bear. No matter what though I must have my hands free; this allows them to be sucked on or to hit things or to just generally get really cold. The best part of sleeping is waking up and seeing Dad and then eating. Mmm food.

Which brings me to my latest news. Today Mommy put me on my back and went to take a shower. The distance from me to my lion was uncaringly far, so I took matters into my own hands and when Momma came out of the shower this is how she found me. Regaling Mr Lion with tales of grandeur. I'm so clever. And seriously cute. Every now and again I roll over just to keep the attention on me. It takes me a while, though, and is a lot of work. That's good for me; I have a little pudge to spare.

Well till next time, or this weekend for the majority of you readers, I bid you well. Oh and here are some spoilers from The Deathly Hallows:
1) Harry Potter does not change his name to Perry Haughter.
2) Severus Snape did not die between books.
3) Chapter 13 is titled "The Muggle-born Registration Commision".
4) Dumbledore is mentioned multiple times.
5) There are many spaces in the text.
6) It is flammable.
7) Kreacher makes a treacle tart.

Addilyn Elise

Friday, July 20, 2007

Speech, speech.

Hello all. Addilyn has a little something she'd like to say.

Translation: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be in stores in less than 24 hours!! Happy reading!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Great Escape

Watch as Addilyn makes a bid for freedom from her car seat.
Almost there.
FREEDOM!!! This was the really hard part. It took a total of about 10 minutes to wiggle out of her seat but this last leg, getting her head out, took about half of that. She proved that she's a trooper and can be quite stubborn when she wants to be. She also proved that we can no longer leave her unbuckled in her seat if set on anything but the floor. Good to know, good to know.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, not much has happened since the last update. We've mostly just been hanging around.

I'm pretty fond of contorting myself so that I may see whatever I want to see. The worm is fun, but then again I may be watching TV.

Sometimes I play with Daddy, I really like it when he comes home from work. I scream and make all sorts of ruckus.

"Live, Learn and then get LUV's" should read:
"Live, Learn, get LUV's, get peed/pooped on daily, Learn More, Stick with Pampers"

I'm saying my good riddances to this last LUV's diaper. I did it justice and peed out.

Meanwhile Daddy's still trying to finish the Harry Potter books before the last one comes out this Saturday. Mommy has been trying to predict what is going to happen in book 7 and our good friends the Floersch's had a baby girl names Ayla Renee. Fun, Fun.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Motor Boating

Hey all. I've noticed that you can tell when I (Erin) blog because it is usually very short and full of pictures or the like. Apparently I'm not as good with the words as Tyler and Addilyn. Anyway, I had a fun video of Addilyn trying out her newly acquired skill of "motor boating" and I thought I'd share it with the world. Enjoy!

P.S. I am adding a section on the blog as an outlet for my many predictions, nay let's call them prophecies, as to how Rowling will end the Harry Potter series or at least as to important plot points in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I will try to update it every day or two (or as my whims lead) until the book comes out or until I have finished reading it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I got three stitches today!

Today was a day just like any other, until 12:00 PM that is. It was at this fateful time that I left work. Not to return again all day.

From work I went home to eat lunch. I played with Addilyn and all was well. THEN I left to go to my Dermatologist appointment at KU Med. I arrived unscathed and after some confusion found my way to Suite B. I signed in and sat for a few minutes, kept company by a ragged, old Readers Digest. I was called in and told to disrobe down to my Led Zeppelin boxers (actually the nurse lady didn't know at that point that I was wearing Led Zeppelin boxers). I sat there in what I thought was awkwardness for about 30 minutes till I was visited by a nice doctor lady. She gave me an initial scan and took a scraping of my weird skin discoloration, which was the reason for my visit. I regaled her with tales of past attempts at curing my ailment and she questioned me about my motives for such behavior and the consequences thereafter. Then she took her sample and left.

A few minutes later nice doctor lady returned with the doctor I was supposed to be visiting. They both scanned my nearly naked body with great interest and spoke in a language that I'm thinking might have been part Persian and part Klingon. I sat in silence and they both left promising to return with explanations and answers. Shortly after they left there was a meek little knock on the door. Surprised that they were back so soon I looked up to see a new doctor lady, also nice, entering. She came with the pretense that she was to take a look at the spots on me. Well she did. She spouted off some words and names that I didn't understand and then left. Shortly after her was a second spontaneous visit by a new doctor lady. She gave me the same line about looking at spots and I let her. Then there was a third. The fourth visit however trumped them all.

It started like all the rest; an innocent knock followed by a random person. This time the random person was followed by another random person, my original two doctors and one of the middle doctor ladies. All in all there were four lady types and a dude. The new guys had their look and shared their thoughts. The dude was the head of the department and shared the train of the thought that it might be Dinofascistcarboniteasaurus or something like that. Just when I thought I knew how it would feel to be an underwear model the cameras come out. The head dude and an interested doctor lady thought my case was so interesting that they should fully document it. So I was turned, poked, stretched, posed and overall completely violated for a few minutes. It was at that moment that I truly knew awkwardness.

Pictures taken the crowds dispersed leaving me with only my two main doctor ladies. They agreed a biopsy was necessary and so they all left for a minute and the original nice doctor lady returned with a nurse. They flipped me onto my stomached and proceeded to cut a chunk of my skin out of my back. They then stitched me up and told me they’d call. And I wait…………….

Monday, July 9, 2007

Four Months Old

Addilyn is 1/3 of a year old!! How crazy is that?!! Here are some pictures of her as she has progressed.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

July the Fourth

Did you know that I was described earlier this week as adorable, sweet, smiling, Addilyn. Isn't that a delightfully palindromically alliterative way of decribing me; I think it is.

So my first fourth of the seventh was yesterday. I woke up the parents nice and early and then refused to sleep a wink until we headed out to watch fireworks, I must have slept through those because I don't remember anything until we got home. Daddy read a lot of the day to catch up on his Harry Potter. Mommy spent a lot of the day reading and trying to appease me, which was impossible. So here are some highlights of the show. By the way I hear that on the way home the city was covered it what appeared to be a thick blue fog from all the fireworks going off. I bet it was cool, but like I said I was asleep.

Monday, July 2, 2007

It's been a while (with no Aaron Lewis implications whatsoever, ewww)

Hey guys, It's me Addilyn again, I'm finally back writing again. You'll have to excuse me, I was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome from too much typing, but I'm better now.

So the last week has been quite eventful, well for us at least. Daddy finished reading Paradise Lost Tuesday. He started it before I was even born, apparently he didn't read it much at the beginning. He really liked it so I thought I would give it a try and read it. He was right. I liked it so much I read it in just three days. My favorite quote from it is at the top of this posting. I'd like you all to comment and tell me your thoughts on the quote.

So now Daddy is re-reading all the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the seventh and final book in the series. He started Wednesday and has already read 697 pages, but has 2645 pages left in only 19 days. That's a whole lot of reading. You can help cheer him on with the handy-dandy counter I've installed above our picture.

Anyways enough about my boring parents; let's talk about me (I know that's why you're here). Lately I've been doing many exciting things. I like to play with my aqua-fishy-smacky-kicky-play thing. I also like to move around in my sleep. I very much like to scream and screech. Talking is so last week, I wanna be LOUD. I like to pretend I can stand, even though I can't really. This week hasn't been all fun and games though. Daddy was running me through his usual string of weekend tests and came upon a startling discovery. If I were attacked by zombies I wouldn't put up much of a fight. There is a video floating around of me laughing through a feigned zombie attack. I won't lie I was a little disconcerted when I saw it but I was quickly reassured by my mother who, much to Dad's chagrin, told me zombies were unlikely to attack someone with so little meat on their bones.

Well, that's all I have to say tonight, it's well past my bedtime and I'm sleepy.
Addilyn Elise
P.S. Oh by the way Dad's been messing with html so indulge him and click on random words (four get you somewhere) and see what you get.