Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday (and such)

On Sunday we went to church (of course) and then enjoyed a lazy afternoon.
Here are some pictures from church.

Asher slept during the first half of the service. I think he was dream suckling here.

When he woke up, he sat with Daddy and listened to the sermon.

And then he helped Daddy run sound.

After the service, they played in the big, open room. I know this picture is pretty dark but I love their matching smiles!

We meet at a school (currently in the cafeteria while they update the AC in the auditorium) and we were all wondering about this huge bee hive in a tree in the courtyard. Has no one at the school noticed it before?

This is Elijah. He was checking out Asher. He has to be the sweetest little boy ever. He gives cuddles to everyone. Awesome.

That look says so much.

After church (and our naps) we went for a swim at the apartment pool. Asher was all decked out for some fun in the sun (even though he sat in the shade the entire time).

We got Addilyn a floaty vest in hopes that she would play in the water with us a little more instead of clinging to the steps.

Tyler demonstrates how to get into the pool.

Addilyn gives it a try.

Watching Daddy as he prepares to do something impressive.

"Wow, that was cool."

Chilling on the step.

They found a leaf. I love Addilyn's face here.


Addilyn didn't really want to leave her step to play with us.

We were a little frustrated with this and decided to head home.

Pretty flower by the pool.

Pretty tree by the pool.

Asher after his first successful roll. Good job kid.

What's better after swimming than waffles?

Mmmm... peanut butter waffles.

Addilyn helped Daddy clean up after dinner. Hooray for helpers!!

Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday (and the like)

Note: I (Erin) have decided I would like to become a better photographer. I figure the only way to do that is practice. Thus the large amount of pictures in this and hopefully future posts. Tips and suggestions are always welcome.

On Saturday we went into the city to pick up a bed frame and decided to stay and visit a park while we were there. Hermann Park is a large park that is right off the Houston medical center (which is big enough to be it's own city). This park houses the zoo, a pond or two and a fabled sprinkler park. We've been to the zoo a couple of times but never have really explored anything more than that. We thought we should recify that.

Addilyn packed up the frog. I'm not sure where he was going but he was certainly all strapped in and ready.

Daddy dressed Addilyn after her nap. She was already wearing that shirt so Tyler just found her some pants. When she emerged from her bedroom wearing these, I was a little surprised. I had never seen these pants before.

Sure enough they were actually Asher's. They had been placed in the wrong drawer by mistake. They fit her fine and just looked like long shorts. We left her in them (I strive to leave Addilyn in whatever Tyler dresses her in even if it's not something I would have picked for her).

It was hot so Tyler and I picked up some sodas at a convenience store. Pop on a hot day is magical.

Hard water spots.

I know it's cheesy but Tyler and I don't have a whole lot of pictures with both of us in them any more. We discovered something this time: Tyler is much better at taking these pictures. My arms must be a lot shorter because we always end up with this extreme close-up view of us. We seem to know this because we always look like we are straining our necks to get away from the camera in the pictures I take. It kind of makes us look like we're trying to "thug" it up.

Much better.

The Hermann Park reflecting pool.

We set out in search of the sprinkler park. Since it was really hot and we had no idea where it was, we didn't make it very far before we gave up and went back to the fountains at the reflecting pond.

There were these beautiful trees with moss hanging down. I will call it Spanish moss but I have no idea if that is actually right.

Tyler missed this (and I didn't try to get his attention) but there were these two very ugly ducklings following a man around.

Too cute.

Headed to the fountains.

I was really excited that our camera actually focused on what I wanted it to. Point and shoot cameras can be a bit of a lottery sometimes (at least that's what it seems like to me; if you have suggestions, that'd be great).

"Hurry up, Daddy!"

I know it's blurry but this picture makes me happy.

Fountain fun.

Dirt + wet Addilyn = mud. Icky.

She spent a long time watching this woman blow bubbles for her son.

She was so excited by it that the woman gave her a bottle of her own. Addilyn was stoked.

Tyler was trying to get her to blow at the circle. She would blow in the general direction of the stick but that was about it.