Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glamour Shots by Deb

Pick your own caption: "I'm just so nervous."

"I see dead people."

"I am so scared."

Monday, October 25, 2010


The final belly shot. This was taken on the 16th.
Grandma & Grandpa J brought the kids over to see Elias in the hospital. Here Asher is checking Elias out for the first time.
Addilyn checking out her littlest brother.
Holding said brother.
Daddy and Elias bonding.
Elias was born at the same hospital as Tyler. Elias is showing off his Daddy's shirt from back in the day.
Conversing with Mommy.
Showing off the cutest hat ever. Thank you random Swedish ladies who knit hats for the newborns.
Sad face.
Elias just after we brought him home. This picture pretty much sums it up: Addilyn is thoroughly interested in Elias and not. Asher will give Elias kisses occasionally but mostly would much rather pay attention to his toys, etc.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Elias Newton Johnson
Born 12:32am, 10.18.10
10lb 4oz, 22.05 inches

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boat Tour

The first weekend of October was the annual Wendella Boat Tour trip. We had so much fun last year that we were super excited to go again this year.
There were 40-some adults with the North Park crew. Here are a few of them.
The Wendella Boat Tour is an architectural tour of downtown by river and out on Lake Michigan. Here is the new(ish) Trump Tower. It is now the second tallest building in Chicago (second to the Sears/Willis Tower).
The parking garages that have been featured in many a movie. Fun fact: you are required to back into your packing spot so that you don't over accelerate and drive over the edge.
The weather was very spotty this time around but made for some very pretty skies at times.
Addilyn sees something she thinks is cool.
Keeping warm with Daddy.
It started to rain (actually downpour) at a few points during the 90 minute tour. Here is the group that decided to brave the weather and stay on the top deck.
During a break in the rain, Addilyn and Daddy went back up stairs. She still managed to stay warm and relatively dry. A fellow passenger just straight up gave her that scarf. So nice!
When it was really pouring (and the lake became super choppy), we headed to the lower deck. Here we found a spot to sit down and ride out the "storm".
Tyler took a few panoramic shots. This one shows how it looked when it was really raining.
I think this is my favorite panoramic, though. See the storm that had just moved passed us.
After the tour, the Habluetzel's and Johnson's headed to Giordano's to enjoy some Chicago-style pizza. Mmm...cheesiness.

Monday, October 11, 2010

September Wrap-up

The rest of the pictures from September (it's not quite halfway through October so it's okay).
Most of my plants died over the summer. This peace lilly is cooked.
I've decided to try my hand at basil instead because I figure that I might be better at keeping plants alive if I can eat them.
Addilyn had just woken up and Tyler was trying to get her to smile.
Daddy made a superfort for Addilyn and Asher to play in.
Inside said superfort.
I'm not sure what this face is supposed to mean.
Addilyn playing with her art supplies.
Asher humoring Mommy and showing off his "cheese" face yet again.
Perusing a book.
Sharing their kitchen. (Asher arranged the chairs for them.)
Asher climbing (technically he was climbing back down at this point).
Helping push Asher.
Super chubby face. Don't you just want to squeeze him?!
Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you around!