Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Asher and Addilyn practicing their gymnastics moves. I wish I had a better picture of this because they were playing so well together. Addilyn was leading him through the whole process of climbing up and then stretching out their wrists. So cute!
Elias has only been taking 1 nap a day for a couple of months now. There are still some days where he gets pretty tired right before lunch. I left him in the living room for a couple of minutes and found him like this when I came back.
Happy crawler!
Look, Ma, no hands!
Laundry baskets are the best toys ever.
He looks so innocent as he scrounges for food.
We see this face a lot.
Addilyn made a pretend bed in her closet. It's about as high as her bunk bed so it's pretty fun to watch her climb up there.
Cornelius enjoying the bed (Addilyn's hiding there too).
Eating the bird as it eats him.
Reading in the laundry basket.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party Time!!

We had a little party for Elias' birthday on Tuesday night. Here's the spread and decorations (which Asher says really well and is super cute doing it).
Elias' cupcakes - Double Apple Cupcake with Cinnamon Buttercream (because my boy is crazy about apples)
Diving into that cupcake. We've got a couple of videos of that at the end of the post.
A pose with Mama and Daddy on his birthday.
Opening gifts.
Check out the hat he got. So cute!!
Showing off his climbing skills. He also got up on one of our dining room chairs all by himself. Yay?!
Asher playing in the box of one of the toys.
Playing with his new "car".

The videos:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

One year ago today, Elias looked like this.Now he looks like this. "I am soooo big!"
Yes, he's about to snap me in the face with that.
And here he's about to club the camera with the arm that's out of the shot. He's a bit of a brute.
This is definitely one of my favorite pictures ever!
And finally..."Look what I can do!"
Happy birthday, Baby Boy!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cruising Around

Here is Elias cruising around. This video was taken awhile ago and I wanted to get it posted before he starts walking and it becomes out of date.

Friday, October 7, 2011

September: Part 2

This includes our trip on the Wendella Boat Tour and then some random straggler photos.The Wendella Boat Tour is an architectural tour of downtown Chicago via the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. As you can tell, Elias was quite interested in the diverse architecture.
Addilyn was also enthralled. Here she's listening as our friend Adam explains.
Elias playing with Daddy (or being chewed on by Daddy).
Sad Asher.
Asher hanging out with Jessa. The kids brought along books for those slow parts in the tour. Addilyn being read to by Jessa and Alicia. This was actually the last time we saw that book. Addilyn loved it and was quite bummed it was gone so we went online to see if we could replace it. Having bought it secondhand we didn't realize that it was actually a fairly rare book and sold exclusively at the Disney store. If you happen to live near one and find a copy of the Tangled graphic novel by Glen Keane there, Addilyn would be very appreciative.
Asher dressed up and looking super stylish.
Elias enjoying an apple. If you don't watch him really carefully, he'll eat it core and all.
Asleep, cuddling his nectarine.