Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A couple of weeks ago we went to the aquarium. We went to Shedd last spring on one of their free admission days. This was a much more enjoyable experience. For one, we didn't have to stand out in the rain for nearly 2 hours waiting in line to get in. Yes, much better. Since we had been there before, we made sure to hit only the exhibits we didn't get to see the first time around. We got to see the penguins (always my favorite), dolphins, and we even got to see them feeding the beluga whales. Very cool!

Enjoying the dolphins!

Elias was enjoying watching the sting rays on the see-through floor.

Our last stop was once again the big aquarium in the center. We didn't spot the giant turtle this time but the other huge fish were still a big hit.
Taking a standard Chicago skyline picture just outside the aquarium. The Willis Tower is just left of my head.
On our walk back to the train, we had to stop by Grant Park and check out the clean up from Lollapalooza. Do you see all that mud? Tyler and Mark got to see Foo Fighters play while standing ankle-deep in that mud. Amazingly, they both seemed to enjoy the experience and said it was an awesome concert.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sears/Willis Tower

We still haven't completely fixed our computer. While we still don't have our files transferred over from the external hard drive, we do have some new ones from our camera. So we'll simply skip what happened in July (hopefully we'll be able to fill in the gap later), and start with what we have.

Last night we went to the Sears/Willis Tower. We have a pass that my parents got us that will get us into a few attractions around the Chicago area and this is the first we've used. Way fun! (Thanks G&G B!!)
Enjoying the view from Daddy's arms.We went after naps so after dinner and waiting in line, we got to the top just before sunset. It was some beautiful lighting.

Checking it out.

They have a ledge that you can walk out onto and see 103 stories straight down. Here they're taking full advantage of the vantage point.

A few poses.

Family pic.


A view of the city. Gorgeous.

This one you might have to enlarge to get the full affect. Beside the white truck, you can see our bikes parked on the sidewalk. They might be a little blurry but you should be able to make out the blue trailer attached to Tyler's bike.

The reciprocal view of the building from our bikes.

It was a fun evening even if we got home really late. The kids seemed to really enjoy it (that and the opportunity to eat Chipotle and be out way past their bedtimes). Fun was had by all (and Tyler and I rode 17 miles, roundtrip on our bikes; woot, woot!).