Monday, March 20, 2017

Addilyn's Birthday Interview

Time for Addilyn's birthday pictures!
Hey look, some dogs!
Standard pose and picture smile.
She's so proud to be in the double digits!
Angry/pouty face.
Emoticon face.
Addilyn: Age 10

What is your favorite color? light blue
Who is your best friend? Kylie
What is your favorite TV show/movie? Hugo
What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? get all dirty
What is your favorite thing to do indoors? art
What is your favorite game? Clue
What is your favorite thing to wear? a dress
Where would you want to go on vacation? New York City
What do you like most about your brothers? they are kind and usually respectful
Albert: he's caring and loves to give me hugs
Elias: he loves to play with me and is really nice
Asher: he's good at creating Lego structures for my Lego people
Now that you're nine, what would like to learn/know? more about science; chemistry
What do you what to be when you grow up? a science teacher
What is your favorite toy? Cornelius
What do you sleep with at night? Cornelius, Brownie and my blanket
What is your favorite things to do as a family? go on long trips and bike rides
What is your favorite art project? the soil conservation posters
What is your favorite subject in school? art or science
What is your favorite cereal? Fruity Pebbles
What is your favorite lunch? Nutella and peanut butter sandwich
What is your favorite dinner? Korean beef
What is your favorite snack? bananas and peanut butter with chocolate chips on top
What is your favorite dessert? ice cream with a brownie
What is your favorite drink? Pepsi
What is your favorite animal? giraffe
What is your favorite song? Cool Kids (by Echosmith)
What is your favorite book? Flora and Ulysses
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Addilyn's Birthday

Addilyn turned 10!! The night before she made monster cookie bars to share with her class as a birthday treat. Yum!
This year she got two number shirts! One of them uses the Roman numeral for 10 because she knows Roman numerals and sewing an X is really easy.
Fruity Pebbles is a great way to start a birthday!
Opening one present before school.
And off to school she goes!!
The traditional picture with Mom on her birthday!
School got out early so we headed out for an adventure!!
Chipotle with Aunt Courtney!! For her tenth birthday, she and Oliver got to go hang out with Aunt Courtney for a special birthday weekend. We met Courtney halfway for the hand off.
Opening more presents. Albert picked out the boys' gift to Addilyn which, of course, was LEGO!
Addilyn got an adult journal. She writes us notes almost every night so we thought it would be a good idea to get those notes collected in one place.
We finished the day with a special trip to Cold Stone Creamery where Addilyn got her very own ice cream! It was a pretty awesome day (followed by an equally awesome weekend but I don't have pictures of that.)