Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Up to Date

 Here is everything that has happened since we got back from vacation.
Elias likes Kleenex.  Stinker.
 Asher got a haircut. 
 We went to visit Courtney in Kansas City.  The kids stayed at Courtney's place while Tyler and I got to stay elsewhere.  In the morning, Courtney took the kids to the farmer's market and they got to ride this train.  Fun was had by all!
 Elias likes to "help" us vacuum. 
Grandma B came to help Addilyn get ready for kindergarten.  As you can see she was wearing her new backpack.  She'd sleep with it if we let her.
Grandma B also got Asher a new train.  He was pretty excited.
Addilyn built her first Star Wars lego.  Daddy was so proud.  He'll also be proud that I can tell you that, that is an X-wing.  Impressive, I know. 
We went to El Dorado to help Grandma J celebrate her birthday. 
Courtney took some very impromptu family pictures for us (thanks, Courtney!).  As you might have noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with family photos right now.  I make us take one nearly everywhere we go.  I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.
This picture is more indicative of our personalities.
This one just makes me laugh.  I think it belongs on awkward family photos.
Here's a more serious shot of the three of them.
Now that you are up to date, I say goodbye because we are getting ready to move (in 11 days) and will not have time to post again until we are settled in Chicago.  I leave you with a video of Elias playing.  This was taken 10-15 minutes into his shooting session.  This kid has determination.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colorado Trip...Part 3

After a short break, we bring you the finale to our Colorado Trip trilogy.  Garden of the Gods.  As you can tell, some of us were pretty excited to be there.  
 I think this might be Tyler's happy place.
 Elias was a bit more indifferent.  It's hard to get as excited when you have such short legs and are unable to do as much climbing (although he did do some later on).
 This is a recreation of a picture we took last time we were at Garden of the Gods. You can compare here.
 I love the cheesy smiles on both of their faces.  Bliss!
 Another cheesy smile.  Man, that kid is cute!
 Another picture recreation.  See above link to compare.
 Here all three got into the climbing act.  Pretty exciting!
 Asher decided to keep on climbing.  Daddy was so proud!
 "Yes, I'm awesome!"

Family photo.
 Another picture redo from the post linked above.  A little more work involved this time.
 Checking out some rocks.
 Balanced Rock.
 Sitting on Balanced Rock.
 Family photo underneath Balanced Rock.
Grandpa and Grandma J were on vacation in Utah while we were in Colorado and came to visit us on our last night of vacation.  Here they are reading with Grandpa J.  Elias is such a ham!