Monday, May 21, 2007

What an utterly complete weekend.


I'm practicing my british accent in this blog so please adjust your reading accodingly.

Jimminy, where to start. This weekend we went to Manhattan for a wedding. Mom and Dad's friends Austin and Melody got married at Living Water Ranch. It was an outdoor wedding and I enjoyed it, so much in fact that I just wanted everyone to know at times.

Here is a picture I took. Well, OK, my proxy took it, but I was the brains or heart behind it. You can see Austin and Melody (or 3M as I like to call her now) off to the right. It was fun. I like being outside. Daddy was an usher and looked awkward a lot. Later there was a reception of hor d'ouvers and other yumminess. I had my regular milk. Daddy kept disappearing with some friends during this time. He mentioned something about syrup, confetti, Oreos and plastic wrap. I'm not really sure what that was all about. He seemed to think it was fun though.

The next day was Sunday and instead of going to church Mommy and I went to the coffee shop while Daddy met his old Tae Kwon Do instructor who is also a super mechanic dude to fix the AC in our car. Apparently there is a slow leak but they recharged the system and flushed it and it works very well now. I've never really driven such long distances in such comfort. They also put some dye in so they could track the leak later. Fun, Fun.

After church we went to the Floersch's house where we stayed for the weekend and had a BBQ with the crew from our small group there, it was bunches of fun. Ian Floersch is getting big. He rememberd me and even held me. Then he helped Daddy locate my hands, feet, belly, and various parts of my face. He's qute vocal now-a-days.

Oh before I leave, this is what Mommy looks like these days.

It isn't quite so frightening in person.

Till next time, this has been

Addilyn Elise. Good Night, and Good Luck

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Please talk to me

In a desperate cry for comments I'm posing the following challenge; we have 25 movies in our Netflix Queue, which 8 did I (Tyler) add to the list?

Monday, May 14, 2007

What a weekend, and 7 things


Now that I have your attention, we may begin. This weekend was quite eventful. Friday night we all went and walked the Plaza. As Mommy puts it "It's Aggieville with class". She was mostly right. There was a lady who seemed a bit unclassy and promiscuous, but I'm sure she has had a less than ideal life.
Lately I've been getting chubby. Come visit and see for yourself. I'm also getting massively huge. I fit into 3-6 months clothes pretty well now. I also like to talk. I'll talk to anything really. You, the desk, a tree, whatever will listen. I'm pretty flopsy as well. I like to dive into things.
Anyways Saturday was national disc golf day so we tried to play, but it was too hot for Mommy and I. So we went swimming instead. That's right our pool is now open. At least I think it is, hmmm. Regardless, Mom and Dad went swimming and I watched; later Dad took a walk around the pool holding me. I even got a little wet. It was fun. Later I scratched my nose and it bled just a little.
Sunday was a good day and the credit is all due to me. For I made Erin a mother and it was her day. We went to church in Kearney, MO. Then I ate, we napped and then we ate at PF Changs. It's a Chinese Bistro in the Plaza. It was a fun experience with tasty food.
Now for the moment you've all been waiting for.

7 little known things about me (Addilyn)

1. I like to listen to Cake as performed by Daddy

2. I can soak three burp rags after one feeding

3. When feeling threatened my diaper can increase to twice its regular size.

4. Cobras don't frighten me

5. At the tournament Grandmaster Yi shook my hand and welcomed me to Sun Yi's Academy

6. I do know where in the world Carmen Sandiego is.

7. If you hold up my head in water the rest of me floats.

Until next week this as been,

Addilyn Elise

Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Things you may not know about me (Tyler)

Courtney tagged me and I'm supposed to list seven things most people don't know about me.

1. This morning, in the shower, I sneezed and pulled something in my back. It still hurts.

2. I once was able to convince one of my sisters (hint: she's not mentioned in this post) that the Slinky originated in WWII as a trigger mechanism for the Atomic Bomb.

3. My greatest ambition in life is to be able to jump as well as Nintendo's Mario.

4. I've never whittled.

5. Between #3 and #4 I stopped for a bathroom break.

6. I greatly enjoy the music of Phantom of the Opera.

7. Of any Lord of the Rings characters, I would choose to be Legolas.

Thank you, now it's your turn.....ummm.....Erin and Addilyn

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hello again, my gracious fans

Hello again: friends, family, foes, foreigners, fascists and those of the Phylum Phoronida. I come to you again with tales of the last weeks end.

This arrangement of words shall soon prove to be quite epic; with reaches and consequences beyond what even I understand. Listen now, and hear the words of the ancients.

So, like, as you can see, I'm still super cute. I'm wearing an outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Butts (hehe). That's Grandpa Johnson holding me. He thinks I don't like him. It's a fun game I play. Friday night I was babysat by the elder Johnsons while the young and spirited Johnsons went and saw Spiderman 3. Their response when they arrived home that evening makes me think that they liked it very much. I think I heard Dad say it was the best of the three.
OH, check it out, can stand now. For the last couple of weeks I've been building up my leg strength and am now pretty good at standing. All I need is someone to help me balance. I'm pretty impressed with myself. It works especially good when I'm angry.
Saturday we drove around the city a bunch. We went to the Crown Center and wandered around. I found it so exciting that I wet myself. In fact I even wet my Daddy I was so happy. Good Times. Mom and Dad are looking for a car. Since I came along the whole no AC thing doesn't work so well which has given them the sense of urgency necessary to actually get something done. We are going to test drive one tomorrow night.
Sunday was a sad sort of day. It started of like many days. Ya know - breakfast at 2am, dessert at 5am - when all of the sudden, out of nowhere, I'm awoken from my peaceful sleep by quick bright lights and loud booms. Seriously can't a person get a decent 4 hours of rest uninterrupted. Geez. Well that was how Sunday started. There was rain and bright flashes of light and loud booms. We went to a church that was a little out of our tastes and I slept right through it. Then we went to eat and I was rudely awoken again to eat. Anyways the sadness come from the fact that due to the rain there was no chance Dad and I could play our weekly game of disc golf. We did walk around a mall together though, with Mommy of course, and that was fun, not fun enough to wet myself and my carrier mind you, but fun none-the-less. Sunday night we watched a special about SNL in the 90's there was some humorous moments I tell you what.
Well I have some spitting up to do and must find some clean dry area on which to do it. Until next week you shall remain my loyal fans, and I shall remain