Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chicago Auto Show

For Valentine's Day we took the family to the Chicago Auto Show. Tickets were cheap that day. I guess they didn't expect a lot of visitors for whatever reason. We wandered through for a couple hours and were overstimulated by the massive amount of cars there. Most of the cars were pretty much things that you could find on the street, but we've highlighted some of our more exotic or exciting finds.

The kids were pretty sure that this Porsche was Sally from Cars.
Asher's checking out a new Lexus concept.

The kids liked pretending to ride BMW's scooter.

Albert was upset that the scooter didn't have a child seat attachment. He was telling Erin about it.
Biker Thugs.

Here is the exotic car section. Two McLarens, an Aston Martin Vanquish, a Fisker and a Bentley form this line.

Anybody have a half-a-million dollars they're not using?

It also comes in red.

This car makes me want to be James Bond.
The roof of this Fisker Karma is a solar panel.

This car makes me want to be Batman.

Rolls-Royce's are huge. Did the Ghost really need an extended wheelbase version?

Elias was especially entranced by this Honda concept.

The kids were pretty sure that this was Francesco from Cars 2.

Who is making the meaner face? I think the Viper.

The new Odyssey. Mmmm...

Addilyn and I rock-climbed in the Jeep area. Had we had more time we could have driven a Jeep through an obstacle course, but we were getting hungry by this point.

This picture is especially for Grandpa B. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Months

Albert is 2 months old today. He weighs in a 16 lb, 4 oz and measures 26 3/4 in. 
Those cheeks!
And check out that smile!  He's a happy boy and loves to talk and be talked to.  He's sleeping through the night regularly (except when he has a cold).  All the way around, he's an awesome baby!!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Here are some fun pictures from the last month or so.
The boys were watching it snow.
Both boys love to play with and talk to Albert.  Asher is showing him a book and commenting on the highlights.
Elias was either trying to blow the alien hand up or "speak no evil."
Having a heart-to-heart with his little bro.
Tyler made Albert a mobile using Star Wars Lego he got as a kid.  It certainly keeps Albert entertained.
Tyler went to a conference for four days last week. We all missed him quite a bit so we decided to throw him a party when he got back.  The kids pitched in by decorating the "Welcome Home" banner.
Elias' favorite color is most definitely orange.  If you look carefully you'll see that he covered a good chunk of the banner in said favorite color.  Asher was a bit upset about this at first, but by the end they were working together quite cordially.  Good job, boys!
 Asher was being a pal and helping Albert find a fist to suck on.
Addilyn worked diligently on Valentines for her classmates. Good job, girly! 
Helping entertain Albert while I did dishes.  Hooray for helpers!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's finally snowing a decent amount here so Tyler and the kids decided to go play before church this morning.  
Asher was pretty upset about getting snow up his sleeve.
Daddy took care of it for him.
 Then he was back to throwing snowballs.
Addilyn threw a few snowballs as well.
In a span of 5 minutes she managed to unintentionally hit Asher, me and Tyler in the face with snowballs. Tyler thought it was funny.

She did not.
Elias really doesn't like getting snow in his face.  As soon as he saw that it was still snowing outside, he wanted to go back in.
But I made them pose for a picture first.  Because that's my right as a parent. 
Tyler and the older two went on a walk to Addilyn's school playground.
Asher cleared off the slide.  

So just in review:
Happy in the snow...
Happy in the snow...
Not so happy in the snow.