Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's finally snowing a decent amount here so Tyler and the kids decided to go play before church this morning.  
Asher was pretty upset about getting snow up his sleeve.
Daddy took care of it for him.
 Then he was back to throwing snowballs.
Addilyn threw a few snowballs as well.
In a span of 5 minutes she managed to unintentionally hit Asher, me and Tyler in the face with snowballs. Tyler thought it was funny.

She did not.
Elias really doesn't like getting snow in his face.  As soon as he saw that it was still snowing outside, he wanted to go back in.
But I made them pose for a picture first.  Because that's my right as a parent. 
Tyler and the older two went on a walk to Addilyn's school playground.
Asher cleared off the slide.  

So just in review:
Happy in the snow...
Happy in the snow...
Not so happy in the snow. 

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