Saturday, December 29, 2012


Here are some pictures of Albert.
In the hospital. Notice how he's almost too long for the hospital bassinet.
 Sleepy baby.
A full view of his ginormousness.
Getting ready to leave the hospital. This is our obligatory Swedish Covenant picture. Elias had one too. Tyler was born in this same hospital and this shirt was given to him then. 
 Happy baby (at home, yay!).
More happy baby.  We took him in to the pediatrician on Monday and he was already back above his birth weight.  As of Monday he weighed 11 lb, 8 oz.  Big, happy baby.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The kids

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

At Long Last

Early this morning Erin gave birth to our fourth child. Albert Arthur Johnson was born at 1:36AM, weighing a whopping 11lb 4oz and stretching 23 inches. Both Erin and Albert are doing well.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fall picture post

Here are all the random photos we took throughout the fall.
Apparently Elias thought Addilyn looked lonely during naptime.  So cuddly.
Rambo boy.
Painting pumpkins (instead of carving this year).
Painted pumpkins.
More painting.  These kids really enjoy painting things.
A Before and After shot of Elias' latest haircut.
We used the clippers and it turned out a little short for our tastes.  This boy might just need a little longer hair (although almost all agree that the Before was too long).
The boys' "van."
Elias found Asher's markers unattended and got "artistic."
Thanksgiving table.  We celebrated this year with the Habluetzel's.  
I love Addilyn's expression in this picture.  Asher has just dipped his bread in his barbeque sauce.  My thoughts exactly.
That fills in the best of our random pictures from the fall. Now you're up to date.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Asher's Allergy Numbers

Asher has been making some progress in the allergy department lately.  Last month Tyler took him in for a wheat challenge.  That involves taking Asher in, giving him some wheat, and then waiting a couple of hours to see if he has a reaction.  He passed!  There was little to no response so we've officially added wheat to his diet.  That mostly means that he gets a wider variety of cereals to choose from in the morning and now when I make him special bread or baked goods I can use regular flour and only have to worry about avoiding the milk and eggs. Unfortunately, regular bread and pasta are still out but we'll take what we can get.

Last week Asher went back in and did his yearly allergy testing. We got the results back today.

Last year's numbers:
Peanut - 7.49
Milk - 11.8
Egg - 34.4
Wheat - 16.5

This year's numbers:
Peanut - 4.7
Milk - 6.19
Egg - 33.2
Wheat - N/A

His doctor was really encouraged to see that his numbers came down so much in the peanut and milk.  We even were able to schedule a baked milk challenge (scheduled on his birthday).  Apparently, some kids will respond differently to milk that has been baked (in cookies, cake, etc) than they will to regular milk.  It would add just a little variety to his diet and would give him even more exposure to milk so he would hopefully grow out of it sooner.  His egg numbers are pretty stagnant so I'm not sure that's looking as good as we would hope. There's your yearly update.