Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wrapping Up Chicago: Part 2

The next park we went to was Indian Boundary.  It has this great wooden playground that is HUGE.  They were having some parks district program(s) there.  That meant there were a lot of kids, most of them older, already playing on the playground.  It made it less than fun for Albert and even Elias and Asher. So we pretty quickly abandoned the playground and wandered over to the wildlife pond.
Three brothers checking it out.
They found turtles!! Everyone was pretty enraptured by the turtles.   Even Albert was so into that he put up quite a fuss when we went to leave.
Cheesy pose.
"You want to give me a bite of that peach."
Addilyn's friend, Maizy, came with us.  Here she was offering Addilyn some words of encouragement.
And then a helping hand.
 Ornery face.
Cutie faces!!
The girls seemed to really enjoy helping Albert sit with them.
Some perspective.
Albert really enjoyed sitting in that tree with the girls too.  As soon as I got him down, he wanted to go right back up.
"Swinging" in a tree.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wrapping up Chicago: Part 1

I'm not sure how many posts it will take to wrap up our time in Chicago and get us caught up to present day.   It will take a few at least.  Here we go!
We did a tour of all our favorite Chicago playgrounds in our last couple of weeks there.  We started with Gompers.
So fun.

We brought a Addilyn's friend, Lily, along with us.  
This slide is the best.  They've come up with so many different way to enjoy this slide.
So cute.
Bouncy, seesaw.

They were playing a game where they would pretend to be asleep.
Then one would kiss the other to wake him up.  It was weird.  But also hilarious!
Cute girls.