Monday, June 25, 2007


In case you haven't noticed Summer is nearing half over. The longest day of the year has come and gone and as light yields its time to darkness I'm realizing this whole "real world" stuff isn't what it's cracked up to be. Or more succinctly, I miss summer break.

But all that aside life's pretty good. Addilyn's in bed right now so I'm posting on her behalf. In this last week little has happened in our world. The most notable is the visitation of Grandma Butts. She came Wednesday and left Friday. While here we had some fun wandering the great Nebraska Furniture Mart and the Plaza, we ate good food and have more waiting to be eaten, and most importantly we took this video of Grandma and Addilyn. They are playing some sort of game. The whole video may be a bit dull and I'll admit I tried to edit it down to about 25 seconds. Alas, I didn't want to spend money on such software and could find none for free. So I give to you a clip, more than two minutes in length, with all of the fun ending after about 45 seconds. If you watch it and listen I'll guarantee that either you'll smile or you're a Vulcan.

Actually the clip was too big for the blog, but here is a link to it. Go watch it and then continue with the blog...

There you have it. No matter what life throws at you if Addilyn laughing doesn't cheer you up than I dont' know what will. I appologize for the excess video I was hoping she would laugh more but apparently she was done.

So that is my post. It was a little dull I know but c'est la vie. Perhaps Addilyn will get her stuff together one of these days and post again. Till then, this has not been..

Addilyn Elise

Monday, June 18, 2007

Far Far Away...

"Today we're going live to Addilyn Elise who is attempting to be the first baby to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon. We now go to our live video feed."

"Looks like we've lost the signal, while our engineers try to reconnect us lets turn to our official Baby translator to see what Addilyn had to say, Bert."

"Addilyn began by begging US officials to drop all charges her parents are being faced with for letting their infant child attempt such an endeavor alone. She proceeded to ask whether or not you could come and change her diaper. Apparently she's sitting in a large pile of unpleasantness, Jackie"

"Thanks Bert. We don't yet have the signal up and running so lets take a look at what led to this most uncouth record attempt."

"It all started, like most of these crazy things do, with peer pressure. Here we see a photograph taken just a few months ago of Addilyn and here peer group. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to have been in her position. "

"She seemed undaunted by the challenge however, here we see her just hours before lift off sitting in front of her giant, duck shaped balloon. Her appearance gives little doubt to the resolve she has in setting this record.

"We have just regained our signal with Addilyn; let's see what she's up to now."

"Again to our translator"

"Jackie, Addilyn seems to be enjoying herself, despite the mess in her pants. She said the view was simply breathtaking and that she wished her vision was up to snuff enough to fully appreciate it. She also mentioned that there are is a large number of ducks flying behind her, making a V shape. She's a little nervous of the proximity of them to her balloon and mentioned that it's a good thing her dad isn't up there with her; not sure what that means. She concluded her transmission with the words "To all my loving fans this has been Addilyn Elise, from a balloon." Jackie"

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Notice anything different? Something new perhaps? That's right I 'm now using the experimental video application. If all goes well with this trial video we may start putting videos of Addilyn on here from time to time. So let us know if you can watch this video or not.

This was me playing around after the Tae Kwon Do demo in Manhattan Tuesday evening. Notice Master Moore standing on a pile of broken boards. Hehehe Good Times.

Monday, June 11, 2007

3 + Shift = #

At the risk of any boring stories, long-winded yammerings or verbose pontifications I am dedicating this weeks post to a smattering of pictures that define me at the age if 3 months. Ergo:

I'm starting to be able to grab things I want. I really like to suck stuff.

I still like to sleep.

I really like Duct Tape, I can't really explain the bond I have with it, but if I were to try, I'd say, sticky.

We found out I'm not a Princess, despite what some of my clothes say and what some of you may choose to believe.

I'm very pretty.

And last but not least, I'm all sorts of fun.
By the way if you are bored check out the finally updated pictures of me.
Addilyn Elise

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sit down, we need to talk.


If you are reading this, than I thank you for being so loyal. For the last fortnight or so I've been in a most foul temper. So, alliteratively, to adhere to the ancient adage of it being better to say nothing at all, than to say things of an unpleasant nature, I have endured a monk like silence and have finally come to a point where I feel I'm able to once again greet the world with arms wide open. (Previous statement in no way encourages or endorses Scott Stapp)

That being said I have constructed a cavalcade of words, phrases, soliloquies, and otherwise which shall combine in a confluence that will enlighten your mind to the real world in which I live. There will be ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs and even some around-and-throughs, but most importantly all will be laid out in a pattern of harmonics designed to maximize emotional, and physical satiation. Now is the time to put the kids to bed, grab a drink and maybe some tissues, and prepare your palate for the feast of words en route to a magnificent collision with your brain. Prepare your synapses, this could get bumpy.

When last we parted ways Daddy had never spent a night in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mommy was ignorant to the plot line of Pan's Labyrinth and I was susceptible to more diseases than I would like to speak of. All this and more has been rectified. Daddy spent three days away in Tennessee for work while Mommy and I visited Grandma and Grandpa Butts (hehe). It was a good time, I saw my Great Grandparents, met a very licky dog, and slept in places I'd never slept in before. I liked it. Shortly after the three of us reunited again at home we left for Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house. We spent Memorial weekend with my aunts, cousin and of course the G-P's (that's street for grandparents). While away Courtney almost turned 22, we pretended she did for convenience-sake, I picked out a gnome rain gauge for her to play with. On the eve of the faux party I was babysat whilst mother and father gallivanted around the town like unfettered, meddlesome youth. I was going to be bratty to teach them a lesson about their obligation to me, but the G-P's were just too nice to use for such a scandalous purpose.
Memorial Day was celebrated with sleeping in, bubble bread and a distinct absence of Daddy in the morning. He returned nigh the end of lunch and was a little wound up and hard of hearing. Who knows what mischief found him and Mr. Habluetzel that fateful morn in the Habluetzel's basement for over 3 hours. Later that day Daddy changed the oil in the car and rotated the tires. I would have helped him but I was busy with the aunts looking at large toilets and being paraded in front of past co-workers. All in all fun was had.

The work week started again and was as blase as usual. There were highlights worth noting, though and I shall do so ere long. Through the courtesy of Netflix Ma and Pa watched two excellent movies this week. The first was the choice of Dad, Pan's Labyrinth it was and was little known to the duo prior to the watching. The movie was in Spanish and I can't read so I didn't have a clue what was going on. The parents sure seemed to like it though. I hear it was quite imaginative and well done. The second movie of the week was Citizen Kane. Made in 1941 and oft heralded as one of the greatest movies of all time Mom and Dad were a little leary of what they had relegated themselves to for 119 minutes of Thursday evening. Again I had trouble following it but it seems Mr. Orson Welles did well for himself as he co-wrote, directed, produced and starred in a movie that was enjoyed by all in the room. In a slight but none too severe digression I would like to relate another happening of this week. Daddy finally spent a gift card he had to RadioShack. He bought some nice speaker wire and a fiber optics patch cable. The speaker wire he used to set up a simple little surround sound system to enhance the movie watching experience. The fiber optics cable he used to connect his CD player to his A/V receiver. Now it may simply be the bias of the people who spent $25 (hence the gift card) on a four foot cable but the sound has noticably improved. Likely the reason is due to either the lack of magnetic interference from the other nearby wires and high current devices or that the Harmon Kardon receiver has a better system of digital to analog converters which produces a cleaner sound, or a combination of the two. Be it bias or science the investment was deemed good, if any doubt remains in you then stop on by and judge for yourself.
Come now with me to the first of June; a day I shall rue for the duration of my memory of it. It started off normally but instead of Daddy leaving for work Momma and I drove him there and left him. The reason for this became evident as Momma and I later hopped in the car and drove to a place where I'd never been before, although there was a vague familiarity to it. It was all going well, I had a nice new lady friend dressed in a funny white uniform to talk to and a very sterile environment in which to talk; what more could a girl ask for?? Well I asked for no more but got it anyways. This assumingly nice lady started pricking me with sharply honed rods of metal. Worst of all my dear Mother not only let her but aided and abetted her. Apparently the experience was good for me. Immunizations are necessary they say. Well did they ever have them, huh? Seeing as how they're not dead perhaps they have. Whatever I hope I don't have to do that again. I'm sure one round takes care of everything that ever may ail me. Right? Regardless I've been a little touchy since then, I sleep more too. As a matter of fact just last night I was awaken from a perfectly nice nine hour sleep just to eat. I quickly resumed my slumbering post and have kept it as often as allowed today. FYI, I'm large, I now weight 15lb 2oz and am 24.75 inches long, with a Butts family head 16.25 inches around.

Well my time is drawing to an end here. If you have endured to this point perhaps you'll endulge me a moment longer. I trust this has been as entertaining and informative for you as it has been therapeutic for me. It would be a lie to say I won't miss you. The bond I feel to you all is best expressed through a poem, probably, I don't really read a lot of poetry, but I've heard some of it's pretty good.

Again I say goodnight,

Addilyn Elise

P.S. If there was a lack of emotional connection in this or any other posts remember, I dictate to my father.