Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Update: With Addilyn Elise

Hey guys,
This weekend I experienced something totally new. A Tae Kwon Do tournament. If you've never been then you don't know what you've been missing. We were there for like 18 hours and Dad did stuff for about 3 minutes. But I entertained his wishes and was good for the whole day. Then yesterday Daddy and I went to play our weekly game of disc golf at the course near our house. Guess What? There was a tournament going on. How crazy is that. Well, since Dad and I couldn't find any way to feign the two of us being a team of four men we went on an adventure to another course. We found a course a little ways away and started playing it. It was a little ridiculous. Every single hole was longer than 500 feet. Some had hole positions that were almost 1000 feet away. Needless to say we didn't complete all 27 holes. We only played the first 10. It took a long time and Daddy and I were getting pretty warm, so we headed on home to Mommy, who had slept through everything. She slept for like 3 hours. I suppose it's good for her. Sometimes I like to sleep all day too and not at night. We watched a couple movies this weekend. I think I fell asleep through both of them. A couple times. Mommy and Daddy both liked Night at the Museum, they also thought The Good Shepard was overtouted, and long. Well that was my weekend. Until next week.

Addilyn Elise


Last Saturday was the annual Sun Yi's Tournament in Topeka. I of course went wearing my lucky Ninja Turtles shirt. Addilyn cheered me on this year also. Check out her cute little onesie. I was nervous this year. For the last two year I had gotten first in both Sparring and Forms, I was hoping for a third year.
We got to Topeka a little late. We basically walked in on the opening ceremonies. I had just changed into my Do Bok and was returning our area in the stand before I went down to the floor to participate. I happen to walk into the stands as the Korean national anthem was being sung and everyone was facing the flag, which was of course hanging right in front of me. Yeah that was a little uncomfortable. So anywho forms come along and I was happy with my performance but got 3rd. Forms are very subjective and every school teaches them a little different. Different judges can have very different results. But I was happy with my performance so all was well.

Literally about 5 hours later I get to spar. There end up being only four guys in my division (2nd degree's between ages 19 and 39, or something like that) who wanted to spar. Which kinda urked me cause I was hopeing for more than two rounds max. My first round was with a short guy who I had fought two years ago and beat. I was pretty confident and threw four kicks total to
earn my 3 points. The round was less than 30 seconds.
This picture is fun for three reasons.
1. I was throwing my winning kick (this is round one)
2. The guy was turning head and I ended up kicking him in the face
3.You can see the viewscreen of our camera filming the fight.
Second round comes along and face a guy from Minnesota who looks good and cocky. Well he was good. I got a point before he got his three, but the round was probably less than a minute. So I ended up with a 2nd place, a 3rd and some stuff to chew on. All in all it was a good day.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Stormy day

This is a Tarantino post. We are starting with the present and working our way backwards. However, nothing really links together or anything cool like that. I just wanted the storm picture to be first.

Today I came home from work to this view from our deck. How cool is that. Now all of you who helped us move up to our third level apartment can see how we are reaping the benefits of your labor. For those of you who don't know and are curious this is facing SW.

Yippee! Erin made cookies. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We took Addilyn to Mercy Children's last night to confirm our suspicions that she had thrush. She does and they gave us treatment stuff. While we were there she was weighed for the first time in a two weeks. Her current-ish weight.......12lb 5oz. Oh yeah, she's a chunk.

Today I was feeling facetious,
unfortunately the work world doesn't like Chacos.

It was casual Friday and I figured, "Hey if my co-workers can wear dingy tennis shoes surely I can wear my beloved Chacos." Nope. Apparently wearing sandals is a stomp-on-toes hazard or something like that.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey Hey What Can I Say

Hey all,

Addilyn here ready to drop some science on ya. First off did you know that a low pressure system and high pressure system can coalesce and make for a really nasty game of disc golf. Dad and I played, if you can call it that, yesterday. But man was it windy. Many of his throws went far awry. I, like him, blame solely the wind for his poor play. Meanwhile Mom was at home chillin. Apparently she likes to have time away from me on occasion. I haven't the slightest clue why she would want that Oooh I'm hungry FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME.

Where was I.... oh yes. Earlier this weekend my dad left Mom and I early in the morning. He went to Topeka to attend a Tae Kwon Do class. Since he doesn't have a school here he's been kinda trying to practice in the house. Let me tell you, that doesn't always bode well for the house, us, or him. He has a tournament this weekend in Topeka. I'm excited to go and see what that is all about. Dad's pretty excited. (Mom told me that it's pretty boring but that I should act excited) My grandparents might be coming too. That's super exciting because I've only seen Grandpa Butts (hehe) once.

After Dad got home we visted the Crown Center. It's like a miniture mall in downtown KC. It was kinda fun. We ate at a cheesy little restautrant that delivers your food via train. I found it to be a rather clever set up. The food was alright. On an unrelated note I'm growing quite quickly and this weekend Mom and Dad thought I should try out the size 1 diapers. Well I set them straight by leaking almost every time. They are a little loose yet.

So that was my weekend. Be sure to check out my most recent photos, I must say some of them are quite adorable.


Addilyn Elise

Friday, April 20, 2007

6 Whole Weeks!!!

Addilyn is officially 6 weeks old today! You've come a long way, Baby.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Funny Story

OK first follow this link and read the story.









OK, now I have some queries.

1. Why is this a "Top Story"?

2. Why should the lady get compensation for reading a word which apparently very few Canadians know the meaning of?

3. What possible kind of "toll" could this have possibly taken on a family from Toronto?

Please, I invite any answers or ideas or further musings on the subject.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A note on correspondence

Hello, today we finally got our home phone service hooked up and ready to go. AT&T had some trouble for a while apparently but now we are set. Our new phone number is... (816) 471-2471
Please call us when you get a chance


Erin and I signed up for Netflix this weekend.
Since there is no Hastings store near us there really
is no reason for us to go look for movies. I'm not a
big fan of Blockbuster. Anyways these are our first two
picks, guess who picked which. Also we posted our queue to the right to slake your curiosity. If you have any suggestions let us know.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Johnson's welcome Hank

Our weekend

First off, sorry for the lack of posts. I'm on a computer all day at work and don't feel like being on one after work so much. Anyways this weekend was an eventless/ful one. It was our first weekend alone in our apartment. So naturally we didn't get up at 8 Saturday. Once we did get up, though, we prepared to leave the house to run some errands. Six or seven hours later, it seemed, Addilyn decided we could finally go. So we went on a search for the last piece to our apartment.....A changing table/dresser/chest-o'-drawers/bosom-o'-underwear. Right, so we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. And here's the story with NFM. They are huge. They have a massive selection...except for changing tables. The one the website said they had they didn't have and the one we found and liked wasn't the right color. So we went next door to Target and found the one we wanted, for less, in the right color. Soooo NFM = overrated, but fun to wander through. So we found a good changing table. It was remarkably heavy and Erin named it Hank. (She doesn't always have a lot to do when she's feeding)

Sunday was almost as eventful. We set out to go to the Covenant Church in nearby Liberty. Well we never found it. So we then set out to go to the Covenant Church in Kearney which started half an hour later. We found it, late. So no church for us. We later found the Liberty church. Apparently I had pulled up the wrong map online. So we went home and fell asleep for a while. Then we went to play the disc golf course that we can see from our deck. It's a beautiful course that winds through a park. It is very "altitude changey." Lots of hills and such. Our calves are tired today. Oh and we pushed Addilyn in the stroller which was fun. At home we found out that the PGA tournament was cancelled due to 45mph winds and instead of showing the concurrent LPGA tournament which was nearing a dramatic close, CBS showed last years PGA tournament at the same course. That was a little lame. Anyways it was fun.

Monday after work we decided to check out the mall that is near our house. It's really quite frightening. I'm sure in it's day it was nice, but only about half of the stores were filled and the place was just desolate. It was kinda creepy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It has come to my attention that one could consider it bad form to refer to an employer as a fascist in such a public forum as a blog. It has also come to my attention that fascist has two s's in it. I'm not sure why the first one is there but apparently that is the way it is. Let me clarify now, if you will, my original intentions for the statements I made previously.

My opinion on most topics is that new thought should be grounded in, and therefore should not contradict, classical thought. I have found this to be true in Physics, Math and Theology. It should naturally follow, then, that my implications were based on the classical view of fascism which is based off the Fascist Manifesto published on June 6, 1919. If you recall what you were undoubtedly taught at some point in your education you will remember that the policies of labor and social issues as laid out by the manifesto were as follows.

The quick enactment of a law of the State that sanctions an eight-hour workday for all workers;

A minimum wage;

The participation of workers' representatives in the functions of industry commissions;

Reorganisation of the railways and the transport sector;

Revision of the draft law on invalidity insurance;

Reduction of the retirement age from 65 to 55.

Since Siggins Co. has an eight hour work day, I am guaranteed a minimum salary, we are commissioned by societal companies, we reorganize transportation systems, we have disability insurance and I'm sure some day I'll retire, I thought that the term fascist was appropriate. I make no allusions to any neo-nazi or communist acts on the part of Siggins.

Having said that I would like to clarify a thing or two.
1. I have no idea if what I grabbed off of Wikipedia is accurate.
2. I wish I could wear my Chacos at work.
3. I like my job and the company I work for.
4. I don't like wearing shoes.
5. Fascism doesn't need two s's.

Happy Easter

Hello everybody. How was your Easter. Ours was fun. We went down to my parents in El Dorado and hung with my parents, siblings, sibling-in-law, and my new nephew. I had Good Friday off of work which was nice. So we went down later on Friday. Saturday we spent oodles of money on nice new clothes for Erin and I. Apparently most of my old clothes aren't "work appropriate". Oh and guess what. Neither are Chaco's; crazy facist employers.......who hired me.....and pay me. Hmmm never mind. Anyways check the new pictures of Addilyn they are groovy. Umm yeah so bye bye.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Oh Boogers

Hi, everybody this is Erin. This is my first post. Yippee! So, Addilyn is surviving her first cold. As you can see from the red nose pictured left. She's also quite adept at finding her fist. Yum. So basically other than being a little more cranky she's doing well. Go imune system go.

Working man

And week one is over. Week one was only two days but I'm already tired of looking at a computer screen. I've training/remebering AutoCAD this week. Yippee.
So, we are moved in now. Phase one is nearly complete; we just have to ship some stuff to my parents to store. I'll put a link to the right with pictures of our new apartment. It's pretty swanky. Also there are more pictures of Addilyn now. Well not right now but that's what I plan on doing right after this.