Thursday, October 22, 2015

Elias' Birthday Interview

It's time for the birthday interview!
Cute kid.

Elias: Age 5

What is your favorite color? orange
Who is your best friend? Caleb, in my class
What is your favorite TV show/movie? Dinosaur Train/Disney Planes
What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? play football with Asher and Addilyn
What is your favorite thing to do indoors? cuddle with you... and have my birthday party
What is your favorite game? football... and baseball
What is your favorite thing to wear? my 5 shirt!
Where would you want to go on vacation? the big waterpark (we are already talking up the resort & waterpark we will be going to for Tyler's ordination next summer)
What do you like most about your siblings? Addilyn - making projects with her and sharing with her
Asher - playing football with him
Albert - hmm... when he calls me a "carwash"
Now that you're five, what would you like to learn/know? how to be nice more
What do you want to be when you grow up? racecar driver, plane driver, train driver, firefighter
What is your favorite toy? my new helicopter
What do you sleep with at night? Rawr & my fire blanket
What is your favorite thing to do as a family? building a stick fort; playing outside (frisbee)
What is your favorite art project? making birthday parties
What is your favorite subject in school? show & tell, snack, & playing outside
What is your favorite cereal? Cookie Crisp (this year's birthday cereal) or Chocolate Mini-wheats
What is your favorite lunch? Peanut butter and honey sandwich
What is your favorite dinner? black beans and rice, burgers
What is your favorite snack? tortilla chips
What is your favorite dessert? cookies: whatever kind, whatever shape
What is your favorite drink? chocolate milk
What is your favorite animal? Rawr
What is your favorite song? Handlebars Here's a video of this song (although he's never seen the video part) His favorite part is the trumpet 
What is your favorite book? when you married each other (our wedding album)
What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

 This is his mean face.
This is is super happy face.
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Silly face.
I don't know what this face is.
Nor this.
He wants to give you a hug.
This is one very excited five-year-old. Yay!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Elias Turned 5!

Sunday was Elias' 5th birthday! He started it right with some special birthday cereal. This year the choice was Cookie Crisp.
After breakfast he got to open one gift.
Superman socks (with capes)!
 Showing them off.
After lunch, he got to open his gift from Tyler and I (mostly Tyler). For everyone's fifth birthday, Tyler makes them a desk. He was pretty excited about his.
See? Excited.
This was Addilyn and Asher's gift to Elias. It's a model of a tractor. Pretty nice, eh?
Opening the rest of the gifts.
This is a remote controlled flying shark. Once we get some helium, we'll have to show you it in action.
Opening a toy. Apparently it was an interesting toy.
Toy helicopter and motorcycle.
I'll post a video of the birthday cupcake and song tomorrow. Yay for a happy birthday!!