Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is my project managers birthday

Addilyn's New Do

Lately Addilyn has been constantly messing with her hair especially when she's out in the wind. So we got Addilyn some headbands to try to keep her hair out of her face. We finally tried them out today and she loves them! She's spent most of the morning trying out new styles.

Lovely, no?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sleep and Other Activities

As with most babies, Asher doesn't do a whole lot. He will smile occasionally but it's usually associated with gas or spit up. Mostly he eats and sleeps. Since I'll assume everyone doesn't want to see the former, here are some pictures of the latter.

Cuddling with the Boppy.

Passed out on the couch.

Grandma J came to visit this past weekend. She had a very eventful arrival on Friday night but I'll let Tyler expound on that in another post. She was here through Monday morning and got to spend lots of quality time playing with Addilyn and watching Asher sleep. Here she gets an up-close view.

Addilyn has been very active as of late. She's learning all sorts of new things like how to open doors (which means that we get to keep all outside doors locked to prevent her from going for a walk unattended). She's been pretty helpful though over the last couple of weeks and takes great joy in cleaning up. Here she's helping out by entertaining me while I feed Asher.

She seems intent on exploring everything in the house right now and taking advantage of the fact that Mommy is fairly distracted most of the time. Yesterday she decided that she'd take it upon herself to reorganize my coupon collection. While I thought her system was definitely fresh and imaginative, we ultimately decided to go back to the old system.

That's about all we've caught on film lately. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The First Bath

Asher had his first official bath (of the non-sponge variety) on Friday evening. Unlike Addilyn, he seemed to enjoy it. Here are some pictures chronicling the experience.
This is Asher before the bath. He was all wrapped up and quite comfortable.

Asher during the bath. Notice Addilyn's bird's eye view. She wasn't interested enough to maintain that post through the entire process but she seemed to enjoy being included.
Asher did quite well and didn't cry until we dried his hair at the end. Cute hairdo though, right?

Here a video of his first bathtime (and his first video if anyone is keeping track).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week the third

Asher is three weeks old today. YIPEE!
He sleeps decently at night. He likes to scream a bunch between 8 and 11, but after that he usually sleeps pretty well. I (Tyler) typically will sleep through the one or two mid-night feedings and Erin will get a little bit of a nap in the afternoon, so things are becoming slightly more normal. If you have trouble getting your kid to sleep, I have one word for you (actually it's not technically one word, but the brand name has no spaces) Rockabye(especially try the Pink Floyd and the Led Zeppelin).

The other day Addilyn decided she wanted Asher to sleep in her bed with her. She really expected us to leave him there for the night. It was pretty funny.

Lately Addilyn is getting quite funny. Tonight we had waffles for supper and she proceeded to eat from one of the long sides of her rectangular shaped piece until she had a long flat side and a long jagged edge. This became her train and she drove it all around the table saying "Choo Choo". Awesomeness. I'm also pretty sure that she quoted 30 Rock at dinner. She's fun.

Asher is fun, but in his own special way. For example, I started this post well over an hour ago. I just put Asher in his crib, I thought he was asleep. He's crying again.

Addilyn loves to dance. The song we're dancing to is the new Song of the Now.

And now, a message to Samuel.

Grandma Johnson flies in tomorrow evening. Woo-Hoo. Erin and I are going to run away to a place where it is cold, dark, silent and with soft beds. Mmmmmmmmmm. Or that was my dream, whatever.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Addilyn's first song

Addilyn sang along to her first song today. I've made it the new song of the now. She really likes the "cha cha cha" parts.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 2: In Review

Asher is now officially two weeks old. Here is a review in pictures of what has happened during that second week.
We'll start with Addilyn's affinity for his car seat. She loves to play with it. She buckles and unbuckles one of her dolls into it over and over throughout the day. On this day she was a little sleepy and decided to just use it as a rocking seat for herself. She looks so comfy!

Asher sleeping on Daddy over his lunch break.

Both Addilyn and Asher seemed to enjoy bouncing on the ball with Daddy.

Asher struck a pose while sleeping on Mommy.

Bright eyes!

And here's a video of Addilyn jumping.
She started with this and later that same day decided to try it off of the ottoman. It worked out okay the first time but the second she landed solidly on her tush. We think she may have knocked the wind out of herself because she was really scared. I don't think she'll be trying that again any time soon.
Anyway, that is what has been happening around here. How was your week?

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Song of the Now

Last time around we heard the best Dutch Progressive Rock song ever, probably. This time I'm taking a different approach and would like you all to hear how Lindsay Lohan butchers Stevie Nicks' classic song Edge of Seventeen. I dub it "Worst Cover EVER"! Please refute if you know of one more deserving.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Week Old

Asher is a week old today. We took him to the doctor for a well baby visit this morning. His first visit to the doctor! We found out pretty much what we already knew: he's one very big, very healthy boy. He weighed in at 10 lbs 11oz and was 21.5 in long. That means he's already back up past his birth weight (and that he's gained 3/4 of a pound in the last 4 days). He's a good eater and is obviously thriving so the doctor said we don't have to come back until he's 2 months for immunizations, etc.
Here is a truck load of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Asher comes home

Addilyn likes to crawl out of her bed and sleep in random places in her room. Last night it was her box.

A gift from the guys at work.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Addilyn meets Asher

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Woo Hoo

Asher Tyler
10lb 7oz
21 in
Mom and baby are doing great.


Well this morning at 2:20 Erin's water broke. It's 4:50 now and we're in the hospital.
More as it happens.