Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goodbye Apartment, Hellloooo Internet

So Tuesday was a pretty busy day in the Johnson household. We turned in our keys in Kansas City, painfully wrote a very large check, and officially said farewell to the beloved "Swankocity." Goodbye old friend.

On the bright side, we also got our cable and internet hooked up that day as well. Unfortunately, the entire cable internet system for the area chose to crash mid-afternoon Tuesday so our elation was dampened a bit by that. That's okay, though. We've enjoyed the internet when we've had it (which hasn't been for more than 5-10 minutes at a time since then) and Tyler has gotten to watch the Daily Show so all is well.

So what has been going on the nearly two weeks since we last spoke? Much. We finally got our house together. I mean the bed is up and everything. We'll definitely post pictures of the completed arrangement in days to come.

Addilyn has started saying, "Ma ma," and "Da da." Tyler thinks that we shouldn't count it as talking yet because it is completely indescriminate. Okay, okay, so maybe he has a point but I wrote in down in her baby book anyway (off to the side but it's there)!
Here are a couple of new pictures of Addilyn. The first is in her travelling outfit on the day we went to Manhattan. Gotta love the socks, right? The second is of her and Tyler enjoying his much belated Motor Trend.

Tyler has also started preparation for a Tae Kwon Do tournament in Kansas City in a couple of weeks (October 6 if anyone is interesting in coming to watch). He's been working really hard to get in shape for it. He has cleared a space in our living room where he can do his form. It's been really nice to have all this space so he can do his whole form at home (without having to run across the street to a parking lot like in KC). To work on cardio he's been running (and jumping and lunging) stairs at the stadium which has been a nice excuse for me to use their super-nice track there so it's been fun for everyone.

Yep, so that's about it for us. How are things going for you all?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

25 or 6 to 4

Hello World,

Life is pretty good these days. Right now we are in Manhattan at a delightful little place Daddy calls Java. I'm supposed to be sleeping, but what fun is that? We are headed to the K-State game which starts at 6. It's a little chilly here, so I'm going to bundle up. We met Austin and Melody Meek for lunch at 4th Street Cafe. It was quite nice.

This last week I reached 6 months and Daddy reached 25 years. WOW. He's OLD. Lately I like to eat all sorts of food. Cereal is my favorite but I'll eat carrots or sweet potatoes if necessary.

Last weekend G&G Butts came and visited us. It was fun. Best of all they brought my bike chariot trailer thingy that they bought me for Christmas last year. So now our whole family can go on bike rides together. How fun. Don't tell anyone but Daddy has been known to surpass the 10 mph speed limit of the trailer. But I trust him, he's an engineer you know. I'm sure he's done the necessary calculations and figured out it's safe.

So I turned 6 months and I'm even cuter than ever. Check out me in all my majesty. TROGDOR! Seriously check me out.

Cute Huh?

So I personally signed Daddy's birthday card from me. It was great. Pens taste like polymers.
His day was fun. We ate very well, well I didn't eat what they did, but for Daddy's dinner Mommy made, Cabbage Rolls, Rice Pudding and Homemade Bread with her grandma's homemade peach jam. Mmmm Mmmm or so I'm told.

Yeah so I like to climb on things and jump and yell, sing and talk; basically I'm a pretty fabulous person.

While G&G Butts were here Daddy was showing off my jumping abilities and I must have been
tired, cause Daddy was scaring me with sudden movements and seriously, it was the funniest thing EVER. See video below for full details.

Until next time
You stay classy......Planet Earth

Addilyn Elise

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This weekend we are going to the K-State game. Whoo Hoo. They are playing Missouri State, whoever that is, so tickets were...available. Anywho should be fun, hopefully we'll see some of you there.

Friday, September 7, 2007

T- 2 Days and Counting...

Yep, so I will be 6 months old on Monday (a whole half a year! Isn't that crazy?!) and since this will probably be my only opportunity at internet before the exciting event, I thought I would take this time to celebrate it. Happy 6 months to me!! (and 25 years to Daddy on Thursday)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm (the jingle, not the song)

Hey, Where've you been?? And on a related note what ever happened to La Bouche? I think it's time for a comeback tour. But I digress.

Thank you, adoring fans, for staying true to me. I assure you I'll make it worth your time. I have a surprise at the end.......If you just looked you are banned from this blog. This is one of those self-enforced, Canadian type bans so I'm trusting you.

Now, lets get down to bidness. First off, we are pretty much all moved in to our new apartment in Maryville. (Thanks though Marty (Did you know Marty reads this? (Hey Marty))) Daddy is enjoying his job so far. He had to go through a two week training thing where he pretty much worked every job in the factory, but now he's lazy again, sitting at a desk. I started eating a few days ago. I'm not thrilled with it, but the
utensils are pretty sweet. I also like to sleep a lot lately, hopefully I'm growing into my face a bit. I like to pose while I sleep. You can see me in my "I've just been murdered" pose in the second picture, and my "I'm an amorphous blob which can fall asleep anywhere" pose in the last picture. This last weekend we went to the GJ's (Grandparent Johnsons) and hung with the usual
crowd of adoring aunts, uncles,

Grandparents and this time there were a couple of new older adoring fans. They were pretty cool. You can see Ollie and I chillin with them in the 3rd picture. Last week Mom and Dad left me to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert. I was stuck at home with G-ma J, which was fun and all but just to maintain control of the parental units I went on a hunger strike until they returned. See if they ever leave me again. HAHA.

Well, I should go, I have to prepare for tomorrow night. Why? You ask. To try and take over the world of course.

Addilyn Elise

P.S. Dad's right jumping's fun

Monday, September 3, 2007


It is now September.