Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Albert Turns 4!!

Sunday Albert turned 4!! It was ridiculously cold (the temp. when we woke up with -22F!) so church was cancelled. That meant that we all got to "sleep in." More accurately it could be known as "huddling for warmth under our covers." Nonetheless, it was nice.
For Albert's birthday cereal, he requested Fruity Pebbles because it was something that Addilyn could eat too. Isn't he sweet?!!
The new '4' shirt!!
Happy boy opening a card.
Like most birthdays, Albert got to open a gift in the morning. He was pretty excited!
The entire crew was pretty enraptured as Daddy gave them an overview of how this particular toy works.
We then let Albert bring his new toy over to the church where we hung out for a while just in case someone didn't get the news that church had been cancelled. We brought a board game to play with the adventurous soul(s) but luckily, our communication protocol seemed to be efficient and no one showed up. After that, we came home, ate lunch, and let Albert open the rest of his gifts.
Smiley boy!
Rip, rip, rip. Tear, tear, tear.
I wonder what was so shocking.
The entire group helped Albert play with his new toys. They played like this for pretty much the rest of the afternoon. Fun times!
For dinner, I had a lot of difficulty figuring out what to make. Albert is our least picky child and eats most things we put in front of him. He has no obvious favorite meal. When asked, he told me what he wanted for dessert. I'm not quite down with cake for dinner so we kept trying. Then he listed off his siblings' favorite meals which was sweet but not quite what we were going for. After much discussion, he settled on chicken strips and "orange" fries (sweet potato). Good stuff.
The dessert he chose was "peanut butter cupcakes." I'm not sure where he came up with that idea but the closest we were willing to try was chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I even hid a peanut butter cup in them. That seemed to be good enough for him. Phew! Ironically, I made some cupcakes with and some without the "surprise" inside. One of my helpers (who shall remain nameless) was practicing his or her frosting skills and got the two kinds confused. It ended up that all the boys but Albert ended up with a "surprise" cupcake. Luckily, he was finally able to eat his "surprise" cupcake today after lunch.
And here is the birthday song for your viewing pleasure. Yay for Albert and his four whole years with us!! 

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